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First Attempt at Stollen

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First Attempt at Stollen

In the better late than never category, I baked my first ever stollen tonight using Peter Reinhart's recipe in The Bread Baker's Apprentice.  I made up some of my own almond paste, using ground almonds, confectioner's sugar and Karo light syrup.  I am resisting the urge to sample this until Christmas. 



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Mini Oven

Looks like a Stollen!  

Merry Christmas!


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Thank you, Mini - actually the stollen didn't make it untouched until Christmas.  My husband and I sampled some this morning with our tea - yumm! 

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doing the 6 week wait in a tin on the back patio.  2 more days and we will have a look :-)

You just can't hold back from a little taste :-)   Heck, I ate a whole one for Thanksgiving by telling everyone that it tasted like a real old dried out fruit cake and it worked!  Had it all to myself pretty much.

Merry Christmas

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The best really dry fruitcake one could have - all to yourself -:-)  Tomorrow (heck, later tonight with tea) I'll just have to have another taste.


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Yours is a great looking stollen.  I have made mine the first time also, based on Nellapower's popular recipe.  I just tried a slice of it this morning after "aging" the loaf for a few weeks.  It is fantastic.  Now I feel confident that I can bring the other loaf to my in law for Christmas!