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Sourdough-guy, what's up?

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Mini Oven

Sourdough-guy, what's up?

Hey guy, what's up?  You're going around erasing your own comments.  Why?  I'm getting worried about you....  -Mini Oven

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Well, I read a comment yesterday where he was rather upset with Floyd, and shortly thereafter these blank comments started appearing.  At first I thought they were spam, like those "People" posts that keep coming up.  From where I sit, it looks like there are some hurt feelings.  I have been on message boards and in blogland long enough to know that stuff is pretty common, unfortunately.

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using faulty logic.

I hope things can be worked out with Floyd and that you do indeed stick around. I do think you are such an asset to the site and your wealth of knowledge is immense.


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So many of us will miss you...please stay if you can


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SDG, when I said I thought the posts were spam, I was referring to the "People" posts.   didn't mean that I thought you were behind the "People" posts.  Those look like professional spam.  But I did wonder what was happening with so many posts coming up under your name, and I thought they were also spam.  However, I did not think you were sending spam to the list.  Sorry for the confusion.

Katie in SC 

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Jim, I don't know what went on between you and Floyd - nor do I really want to know because it appears to be a very personal dispute and I am here to talk about baking bread. 

I think though that your decision to delete your old posts lacks maturity to handle the situation you are in. I'd like to think that you not only shared alot of your experience and knowledge in your posts, you also learned from the discussion with others, did you not ?

When you decided to delete your posts, will you also not make use of the knowledge and experience you gained from discussions with others here - the same way you are withholding your contribution now ?

I think that particular decision was not well thought-through - and if it was calculated, then it displays all the hallmarks of a tantrum rather then of a  rational statement.

I wish you all the best, BROTKUNST

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I might as well have my say, why would I stop now? I'm really glad Mini-Oven got things out in the open and I'm really glad you found your voice again. I saw those posts and I agree that people aren't always gentle here, but you aren't always gentle yourself. You're obviously a very intelligent person and been here long enough to know where the tolerances reach, (a lesson I had to learn as well.) You gotta see that you take some risks, and sometimes you get thumped for it, right or wrong. You know we can choose to react or not, to let things go, to dust ourselves off and keep soldiering on. Your place as a respected and worthwhile member of this community should be as valuable to you as it is to us, don't blow it off or burn bridges before you have to. We're all people too. I don't think anyone here is cruel or vicious, except the mad spammer.

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It's the impolite responses I had from Squid, that will give Floyd the ammo he needs to finally chuck me out so there you go. (BTW, I said Squids words were aggressive not him. I didn't get personal)

I'm really not comfortable with conflict, but I have to defend myself. It's not fair that you deleted your post to me so that people can see for themselves that you took the first swipe at me, calling me arrogant when I was confused. How is that not personal? Please don't play the role of victim. I merely responded to what you said.

I'm sorry you feel the need to leave here and take all your posts, but I had nothing to do with it.

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Boys, boys, boys (or girls, girls, girls - or whatever) - Let's stick with talking about baking bread.  Leave your egos out of it.  The important thing is not ourselves but the bread.  Focus.


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I have not yet scored any postings.  Didn't know I was supposed to - even though I read almost everything on every entry on this site.

I have learned so much about bread from lurking on here several times a day.  Seems like I need to get my "daily fix".

I would hate to see anyone leave here, because I have learned so much, even from the questions from "newbies" and the answers they get from every one.

Old Camp Cook


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In my opinion what we are seeing here is how easy it is to hurt another members feelings over a minor issue by use of the scoring system. This isn't Survivor where the game is intended to be played so the last two players can duke it out and everyone else gets to vote. Everyone on this thread (except squid) is commenting and taking a position on something that is really not your business. It must seem fun to voice your opinion and click to show dissatisfaction with SDG's removing his content. Using an anonymous vote is a poor way to iron out a dispute in my opinion. The original beef between squid and SDG stems from language interpretation more than anything else as I see it.

I would suggest we all chill about this and avoid escalating what is already a mess. Clearly SDG has a lot to offer and I for one would like to mend what ever rip exists.


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It is a public forum so privacy takes a hit for sure, and the comment-erasure was disturbing to us all, BUT I find the scoring system in it's negative aspect to be oddly and sometimes very unkindly utilized, and you bet it's because it's anonymous. A person in distress doesn't look like a good target to me. Again, I don't think anyone means to be cruel here, but until you've been dissed you may not realize it feels like a little electric shock zapping you through the screen. Excellent advice, Eric.

Squid, I'd just like to add to what others have said, it's clear you weren't looking for trouble. I always enjoy your input- and I LOVE your name.

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Cooler heads can prevail - thanks Eric. I think everyone here has so much to offer, especially to us newbies. Blog posts are like e-mails - some can be hurtful even when they're not meant to be. When we chat with each other without seeing facial expressions or body language it's easy to misinterpret - I've been in that situation myself with a former boss. That being said - I've learned a lot from SDG and he's always been very kind in replying to my newbie baking questions - I think we should just consider we're all individuals - each with his/her own personality ad try to be kind and think about what we're typing may sound like to a person who can't see or hear us. My 2 cents - I hope everyone stays - as I said, I've learned a lot from all of you.

Thanks - and happy long baking week-end!

Trish in Omaha

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Agreed, ehanner. I never intended to create so much drama. My apologies to everyone.

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I admire your strength and honor.


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No need to apologize, I think. You were treated rudely and responded. Besides, I really don't believe you were the cause of this at all. There's a history here that goes back many months -- please, don't feel bad.

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It takes very little to create drama with SD guy. As we can see. Again.

Please behave, SD guy. I didn't have a pop at you, I just said my reason for baking is to have a good time. Lighten up.

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Mini Oven

Those points could have been added after you erased your comments so the blank spaces would go away sooner. Think about that a minute. I will also confess that I threw on a few minus points (after you deleted) until it dawned on me that you were erasing old comments. Stop doing it please. Please. I'd rather nuke a spammer.

I am reminded of how easy it is to get negative in written statements without even realizing it. I am a note writer. But I always try never to be negative or argue in a note or sms because it can get twisted around out of proportion. (I've put my foot in my own mouth enough times to have athlete's tooth.) I have to remind myself often with all the long distant relationships I have going on in my family.

Sorry to read that you've been banned but I wouldn't happen without a good reason.  I trust Floyd's judgement, he has done a fine job of managing, more than I can ever know.  I'm just sorry you went as far as you did.    Mini Oven