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Help panettone needs being glazed

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Help panettone needs being glazed

Hi all,

this is bakinginQuito writing after a quite long period....Christmas is closer and so making homemade problem: after all, since 2008 I've been baking at least a couple of times every year...BUT....after baking 2  last week my purpose is to bake some more with the colomba (easter dove) topping (or glaze) and here is where I' m really unexperienced..most of the recipes recall ground almonds: I 'm sure I will have to do this at home....what if I food-processor and get a  too moist puree? did someone try to add a bit of plain flour just to absorb the moistness?

And here you are the second question: let's immagine i already have the glazing  paste ready to be spread on the top of the panettone which, will be already shaped and in their (plural cause i plan at least 3 panettoni) molds: when should I spread the puree/paste? If I do it at the very beginning of the second rise I will be sure I will be gentle enough with the dough, but is it the correct form or time to do it?

as you imagine, any tip is welcome....thanks in advance and happy baking. Paolo

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Hi Paolo, the food processor might not be the best option. Better grind the almonds with the sugar in the coffee grinder, instead. Don't insist too much or you'll get a butter paste, but you won't even need to insist too much:almonds grind almost instantly. If necessary you can thicken the final paste  with some semolina or durum flour (the crust will be crunchy when baked and cold).

The glaze should be very thick and should be spread just before the dough goes into the oven. Better concentrate it mostly at and near the center, as during bake it will melt and cover all the rest of the top.

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I use a Mouli hand cranked grater for almonds to make amaretti.  It works better for me than the coffee grinder method because I don't have to add sugar to keep the almond meal fluffy and I don't have to pick out pieces of unground almonds out of the meal later.

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Hi Linder, I just saw your answer...your tip seem to be fine especially if you already belong a grater I googled and found out that the tool you mention is very useful to chop parsley to make green sauce or salsa verde, as we say in Italy. I will try both methods and let know about the results....Happy baking during the weekend and cheers. Paolo