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Hi, I have a friend whose daughter would like to start a dessert bakery in the future.  She has been doing baking for friends and her dad's co-workers and is saving the money she is making.  My hubby and I would like to get her a mixer and was wondering if the KA would be a good starter while she is still saving her money.  I see it being used on all the food programs on tv and wondered if it is only good for making desserts, since I have learned from experience that it is not great for bread.

Any other suggestions would be great, but something that is going to last.

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What wonderful folks you are to do such a nice thing!   Rather than a KA, I'd look into the Bosch compact stand mixer.  Less money, more power, better build, and certainly built to last.  I have both an KA Artisan and the Bosch compact.  I'd sell the KA were it not for the meat grinder and grain mill attachments I have, so that's all it's used for now.

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Hello Lindy D:

  I went and checked out your recommendation. I did not realized that Bosch compact is so much cheaper. I too, have the KA  mixer which my husband bought it for me several years ago prior to my bread baking. When I used my KA  for bread making, I have to stop the engine several time so that it is not overheated.   I will check out the Bosch compact soon.

By the way, Lindy, you are the lady who fill me in with VA. cottage food law when I complaint about VA. agriculture Dept. food inspection fees at the farmers market several years ago. The fee is now lower to the former cost($40.00 instead of $100.00). 

 But now they come up with the new rules: No meat or poultry in prepared food that sell at Farmers market!  They said that the rules came from Federal Government and indeed, a Federal meat inspector from Richmond came to my home to talk about it.( I am  no longer involved in the Farmers market but would like to sell food there.) I requested from the Supervisor of the Agriculture Dept. in my area the copy of such rules(since they are the one who does the Farmers market inspection and collecting fees.) They again redirect me to the meat inspector (who inspecting farms and meat processors). I did contacted him and months later nothing came out from him. He told me that the persons who could be doing the business( selling food with meat) ideally  would be restaurants. To me that is absurd since restaurants do not have time to come to Farmers market for a nickles and dimes money.  It looks like this is another way of cutting down "little Mom and Pop" business.  In America people love meat and to sell food without it would hurt the business big time!  Needless to say that I did not sell anything at the market because of it. What make it more puzzling is that some area(Charlottesville) Farmers market can do it. (Their reason? Oh, they will get stop soon next year!)

Care to comments?  I am at my wit end with them trying to cut us out of the picture.