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Bertinet Croissants with 30% Whole Wheat

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Bertinet Croissants with 30% Whole Wheat

Tried a batch of croissants a la Bertinet "Crust" formula, with one change - replaced 1/3 of the white flour with stone-ground whole wheat to make them a weeeee bit more healthy.

Found the dough just a bit harder to roll out, but I was quite pleased with the results

Maybe it's the cooler weather, but this is also the first batch I've made where there was ZERO butter leakage from the croissants during baking.

Not any noticeable change in the flakiness, and they taste good, so I'm going to count this one as a success.

Gotta work on keeping more of the chocolat in the pain, though - any ideas on that one very much welcome.


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Great looking croissants.

I think you could use 100% whole wheat and they still wouldn't be any healthier than eating a chocolate cake! :)   Not that I have anything against eating chocolate cake.  I have not tried my hand at croissants yet due to the fact that I know I would end up eating enough of them to equal my weekly calorie count for a week!

Nice job.


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I realize that croissants can't really be considered a "healthy" option unless taken in moderation, but every little bit helps, right?

I, too, have no willpower about these things - that's why we freeze them almost immediately to make us have to work a bit to eat them.

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With 30% stone ground whole wheat! I think I would feel a whole lot better knowing about the 30% Whole wheat. Either way, I find them irresistible on occasion. Love the butter and the flaky mess. Great job, and how authentic they look. Just beautiful. 


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These are definitely way more healthy than eating butter on a stick :-)  Can we eat just one?  Not me.  I use the excuse it is too hot here to make them in the AZ summer sun.  Found an old one in the freezer on Saturday so I can only eat one - for once!  Yours look delicious, well made and well baked.

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Like you, dabrownman, I tend to eat them like potato chips since I make them smallish (my sweetie weighs her carbs to stave off diabetes as long as possible).  In fact, just had one of the pain au chocolat today out of the freezer - good stuff!

Not that butter on a stick is a bad thing in moderation, ya know....  :)

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These look awfully tasty!  Love the idea of a bit of whole wheat flavor to go with all that flaky buttery goodness :)