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Bakeries in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Southeast Asia)

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Bakeries in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Southeast Asia)

A brief introduction: I'm a Canadian-born citizen now living in a small town called Siem Reap, Cambodia (Southeast Asia). I've been living in Cambodia for nearly 3 years and, believe it or not, I'm still adapting to Cambodia's culture despite that my parents are Cambodian. 

A week ago I had moved into a new apartment, but was forced to abandon my baking equipment, most notably my convection microwave oven. Reason being, the oven did not belong to me. I bake every Sunday, or at least I try to, but having no fridge, no stove, and no oven (not to mention no Internet and no TV), I couldn't possibly bake anything unless I built a clay oven from scratch (oh, how I wish that was so...)

So, to fill that unquenchable baking void, I decided to visit a number of bakeries and document my visits by taking a series of photographs. (I apologize in advance for my amateurish photography skills.) 

I hope you enjoy! 


P.S. I will upload a few of my photos into this post to give you a sneak preview. :)

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your bakery expose on your local Cambodian bakeries.  So many ans such a variety.  The French took their bread with them where ever they went.  It  was considered uncivilized for maost, to not have French style bread even when posted far overseas.   Thankfully for all,  it just wasn't done :-)