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Bakeries, Pizza and good places to eat

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Bakeries, Pizza and good places to eat

Hi Fresh Loafers...

Can I have the benefit of your advice please as soon as possible?

We (My wife, daughter and me) are about to spend a week in NYC.  This will be our first visit but one we have wanted to make for so long. We are staying in an apartment in the West Village and leave early on Monday morning. We are very excited!

Can I have some suggestions for bakeries, markets, places for breakfast, pizza and a restaurant for a special meal? Some places local to the village would be especially useful.

We have read the guide books and blogs but your suggestions were so helpful to my son when he visited Montral recently.




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I like CO PizzaResturant by Lahey of Sullivan st Bakery fame. It is in Chelsey. It is expensive. 



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Although very popular with tourists (for a reason?), Batltahzar bakery, right next door to the bistro, has excellent breads and pastries, and John's Pizza on Bleeker Street are worth seeking out. 

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You'll find something to like there.

Have a great time in the city!    And don't forget the bagels.  NYC bagels are the best!

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Boron Elgar

You will be quite close to the Magnolia Bakery, at 411 Bleecker St at W.11th.  They are famous for their cupcakes, but I say skip them altogether and head directly for a big fat slice of  their coconut cake. It is to die for.

If you want to head a but north, towards Madison Square, head for Eataly, a huge market that has among its many offerings, some wonderful breads.

And the Chelsea market, noted above, has Amy's bread, which offers some very interesting and delicious loaves.

I use these bakeries and bread sellers to inspire me. If I see a loaf I like, I buy it, try it, and try to duplicate it at home.

For a lovely, bistro meal., try Cafe Cluny, at the corner of  W.4th and W.12 (yes, those streets meet in theWest Village, or try Recette, 328 W. 12th St. You will likely need reservations at either.

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Not sure what kind of food or your price range but I love BLT Steak House where they serve freshly made Pop Overs which are to die for.  For some great BBQ try Virgil's it Time Square.  For some of the best cupcakes try one of the Crumbs Bake shops.  As the previous person mentioned Eataly is well worth a visit.  They have excellent breads at the bakery and several fantastic restaurants.

My favorite deli is The Second Avenue Deli for the best pastrami I have ever had.

You can pick many excellent Italian places in Little Italy which is down the block from where you are staying.

Enjoy your visit to the Big Apple!


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... at end 2000 to celebrate the Millennium in Disney World, so it is rather a long time ago.  However, we also spent a week in NYC and were referred by our hotel concierge to La Mela, Mulberry Street, in Little Italy.  It was a highlight of our trip.

I wonder if it still operates.  Its website suggests so, and the décor looks still the same!  Whether it is still as good as I remember it, is moot!

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Make it over to  Chelsea Market and check out Amy's Breads Bakery.  And then Look up Sammy's (Chinese)on 7thAve and oh about 14th .... see dumplings and noodles made in the front.  Order the juicy buns.... I dream about these yet and we moved from NYC 12 years ago.  In Chinatown there is a little shop with a walk up order window called Fried dumpling...

Oh my these are wonderful and not expensive.

For Indian you have to go to Pongal
110 Lexington Avenue (between 27th and 28th)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 696-9458

Try as many breads as you can.  Everything is wonderful.  Then go across the street to the Big Indian Grocery and buy dates and apricots from the front counter to snack on back at the apt.... mmmmmmm!

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Rays pizza.  There is a little chocolate shop on John st in the wall street district. Can't remember the name but its all handmade,  you can actually watch the lil old lady making them.

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Love when we visit every summer. Awesome whole grain artisan loaves, sandwiches and pastries. Enjoy a bite while w.atching the baking staff create. Just south of Waterbury right off I-89