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Lead Baker Needed

Bakery in Cincinnti needs an experienced Lead Baker to mix and bake bread late night shift.

This is a position for a dependable person who has a successful work history making deadlines and managing their time. The applicant must provide at least 3 references from past employers who will attest to the dependability and skill. There will also be a working interview to adequately gauge the individual's skill set, including speed and accuracy.

Applicant must have a minimum of 5 years experience as a lead baker in full line retail bakery with fermentation proccess, including production of: Breads  

Experience using Hobart/ Screw type mixers, Rack/ Fringand oven, Bread dough. This position will demand 100% dependability and professionalism so job hoppers and dilettantes need not apply.

Please send email with resume, work eligibility and salary expectations.

Contact information:

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If you're not looking for us dilettantes, why post a job add on a site for "Amateur Bakers and Artisan Bread Enthusiasts"


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thank you for your question. I posted here in hopes that someone may know someome for this position. My goal is to find a Lead Baker at the moment and it is not an easy thing to do. I am sorry if my post offended you. However I am still looking, and I guess you can not provide me any assistance. So thank you and have a great day.


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search, here and elsewhere.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

We're just big sacks of mostly sentient water that make the best bread on the planet with the precision and timing of a atomic metronome.

We're as dependable as bankers Huckleberry Finn.

If we're late, disobedient, or insolent, you can shock us with a 120-volt cattle prod and/or lash us with an Indiana Jones bull whip.

We won't object!

Our salary requirements are minimal: $20,000,000.00 USD per hour plus 8 hours of breaks per 9-hour shift, which must include a 1-hour lunch break, 4-star lunch provided.

One assumes a company car will be provided, a BMW 7-series perhaps? Comprehensive health insurance for health care from the Mayo Clinic, shuttle and/or airfare provided whenever we get a mild cold, right?

One also assumes relocation assistance from balmy Antarctica to your lovely city of Cincinnati, Ohio will be provided. We only have 7 cars and 14 children to move 3,600 miles, so the costs will be minimal. We'll keep our lives on Antarctica in storage as not to upset your rhythm. They'll hold.

If at all possible, please provide 20 character references that attest to you being warm and generous manager with a cuddly "teddy bear" personality, as your original posts suggests you are.

Kindest regards,

The Job Hoppers and Dilettantes of The Fresh Loaf

P. S. We require 2 English muffins with homemade Neufchatel cheese and British marmalade (must be British!) each morning. We also require a manual Italian espresso machine like a La Marzocco. We would consider reduced salaries if you provide full-time masseuses to massage our necks and shoulders as we shape loaves and load the oven.

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How many times have you seen posters here who want to get a job in a bakery?  Lots, right?  So now someone posts a bona fide opportunity and the first thing they get from TFLers is a figurative fat lip.  Not cool.  And definitely not in keeping with the friendly vibe that we aim for here.

Thank goodness that professionals do frequently participate here.  The amateurs among us (me!) benefit greatly from their experience.  If TFL was amateurs only, we'd all be a lot poorer for it.

Best of luck in your search, SWB.


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I agree with your comments Paul.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

It shows no respect of any kind.

Why would anyone want to work for this person?

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If "job hoppers and dilettantes need not apply" was what offended your sense of what is respectable and what is not, then you had a golden opportunity to display truly respectful behavior in your response.  Respect, like loyalty, is not something that can be demanded.  You have to give it to get it.  Instead extending respect, you chose very deliberately to respond at some length in a rude and disrespectful manner.  

Sadly, it gets worse.  In addition to behaving very disrespectfully toward the O.P., you also slammed all of the rest of the TFL members by claiming to speak on our behalf when you had no such authority or permission.  You also mockingly impute job hopper and dilettante status to TFL members.  While I do not know everyone personally, I know enough of them to understand that there are a great many hard-working people in this community.

I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find qualified employees.  Some days I'd be happy if I only had to look through 50 resumes to find one person that seemed to be worth the effort and expense to interview.  The number is usually a lot higher than that.  And many of those applicants could best be described as job-hoppers and dilettantes.  So, even though that phrase is nothing that I would choose to put in a job posting, I understand very well the frustration behind it.

This will be my last post on this thread.  One additional post from you would bring the whole thing to an appropriate closure: one that contains an apology to the O.P. and to the TFL membership for your intemperate post.



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Well said, Paul, both times.


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Wow! I guess I had all this coming hahahha I am a new owner and posted this after a 16 hour day I was just trying to put out what I really need. Not trying to sound as it warm and fuzzy as it does hahhaha thank you for pointing that out. I'm just very much in need .

The Teddy Bear

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thomaschacon (not verified)

And also when they're drunk, but that's besides the point.

Your ad sounds like you have no respect for your potential employees or the profession.

I hope that isn't the case; but as it's written, I wouldn't want anyone on TFL working for you.

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All at Sea

... you poor chap, you need some shut-eye that is clear. 

But hey-ho, a lesson learned - never send important emails or post messages when the little grey cells are fuzzy after a long day's hard work.  All that post of yours needs, in my opinion, is a little more balance.  You state what you are looking for and what you need, but how about the prospective employee you're trying to entice? You need to give plausible reasons why anyone would like working for you. What's in it for them - other than a salary, of course.

Anyway, good luck with your new business - it's darn hard graft, I'll bet.

All at Sea




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True, I am a bit on edge over things with my bakery. I just took over for my Father who is in the final stages of MS and can no longer perform his duties. I also still have my day job as a Field Engineer. I had to fire someone yesterday and it hurt me very deply, I should not have posted.  I will rewrite this in a more cheerful way and talk about how great this bakery really is and how dear to my dying father mand me.and all the amazing things that will be happening there such as the new oven coming back to life and how great the bread will be that comes out of it! I am so excited about all of it it is hard for me to even slow down and breath hahahah

But really Thomas, Live and let live! I am a strightshooter who doesnt candy coat everything. the people who work for me are very happy and get treated the way I would want to be treated as an equal. I am not above them I need them far more then they need me. 

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This is why lurking is not so bad
People become so hostile and take things so seriously, literally and personally
I am ever afraid to type posts on forums with out a disclaimer that I truly mean well! I have been torn up on boards for, spelling grammar emotion
Sometime I just have to try to share
Now is one
In this economy people work for shit wages with crappy people to do what they love or have to to survive in this world
someone...if they are real and( i always onder online)just offered work...if it is for real, then good grief let him put it out there! My son is an executive chef and for years he earned his way from the dregs up! This offer for the right person doesn't come close to what he had to do or put up with
A job is a job and a boss is a boss ...not for everyone..I am at a place too where now I choose... this guys is polite enough and not asking for much

Ok back to nonverbal
I suck at being perfect but adore reading what everyone puts down here and do not want to ruin that buzz

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Faith in Virginia

Just to be honest people. As a business owner myself that relies on a team to get the job done, the most difficult part of my job is hiring people. So I don't think SWB was out of line. I have become so frustrated by the people applying for a job that I have actually put in things such as alcoholics and druggies need not apply.

I had one guy apply for a job that was just released for manslaughter and insisted that he would be allowed to drink on the job. Many people apply that have no experience at all. Or they claim they know how to do everything yet they don't have a clue.

I will tell you from experience you need to be very careful of who you hire. I have learned the hard way that drug testing and background checks are a must. One bad hire can really hurt any business in many ways.

SWB you may want to place an add here

You may find what your looking for. I would love the job myself but I don't have the baking experience your looking for... Now if your looking for a manager that is a different story.

Good luck

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Local has something to do with it.  We used to send 10 new hires for drug test in Miami.   Two would show up, one would pass but then not show up for work.  We would send 10 in Tampa, 1 would show up and fail the test.  Denver was nearly as bad.  We caught way more employees there on impromptu drug tests than in Florida or anywhere else in the country - something to do with Rocky Mountain High I think :-)  I also took a pistol off an employee in Denver one afternoon who was intent on shooting their night crew supervisor.  The supervisor had suspended him the night before for 3 days for fighting with another employee.  The stories we could tell about what is out there answering employment ads and who is working for them too!

Our board asked me to turn our Florida operations into a drug free work place.  I said that was fine but would only paint it on the door and that would be it - unless they wanted their $200 million operations there to go to $2 in a week.

I also see nothing at all wrong with the ad.   Those that hire people for jobs see things differently than others.

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I’ve seen far worse ads than yours.

You’re telling us pretty much who you are looking for, but good luck finding that person.

From my experience, I would suggest you drop the request for references.

I’ve yet to get a negative one – everyone is afraid of a lawsuit.

If you do find someone that might fit your needs, a paid trial shift is always a good barometer.

You should be able to tell after half a day - and so should the potential employee, if it’s a good fit.

It’s not an exact science SWB; I’ve been burned before, but trial shifts I feel, are worthwhile.

As for comments regarding this post, I would have to jump on side with PmcCool.

I’ve been making my living as a baker for a relatively short time, since 1994, but it seems the longer I bake,

the more I realize how little I know.

Whenever I visit this site, I always find something of interest – and I remain an “enthusiast”.

I bake at home on my days off (right now, I’m having fun with Kouign Amann) and when I go on holiday,

it’s most always baking related.

Good luck with your search

Kindest regards


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"One additional post from you would bring the whole thing to an appropriate closure: one that contains an apology to the O.P. and to the TFL membership for your intemperate post."

Paul,  Thanks for your absolutely appropriate comments here.  You did not have to take the time to state what so many thought. 

To SWB;  know that the sort of negative response you received is very much out of character with 99% of the posts and comments here on TFL.   Anyone who has ever been in charge of hiring knows exactly what you are facing and I wish you luck in filling the spot.


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So I rewrote my mean and disrespct full offer, not sure I really wanna post it but it seems there was some changes need to be made. So I did it and hope this seems more friendly. please tell me what you think.


Description: Cincinnti bakery is enthusiastically seeking an experienced Lead Bread Baker for late night shift.


* Applicant must be dependandable, able to make deadlines and manage time.

* Applicant must provide 3 references from past employers who can vouch for work ethic, job ability, and/or character.

* Applicant must attend a working interview to demonstrate skill set, including wokr efficinecy and overall quality of final product.

* Applicant must have a minimum of 5 years experience as a lead baker in full line retail bakery with adequate knowledge of fermentation proccess, and experience using Hobart/ Screw type mixers, Rack/ Fring and ovens.


Application Process:

*Serious applicants only, please.  Applicants must demonstrate 100% dependability, reliability, and professionalism; applicants looking for temporary, part-time, or seasonal work will NOT be a good fit for this position.

* Resumes should be emailed to: with "Lead Baker Position" in the subject line.  Please include qualifications, experience, references and salary expectations.

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Moya Gray

Well done with the re-write.  Very positive, very clear, and respectful of potential applicants.  Having interviewed & hired many people, I recognize that the process can be very discouraging.  But I think a serioius ad like this will weed out many of those who don't qualify.  Good luck, and don't stress about this.  The right person will come to you!