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A word about pizza ...

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A word about pizza ...

I thought I just throw this out here .... I liked to use the Pain a l'Ancienne dough for pizza. Quite perfect although maybe a bit resistant when you spin the dough. With guests over I prepared 'the usual' and P.Reinhard's Neo-Napoletana. What a difference ! The Neo-Napoletana is really worth a try. I used high gluten flour (KA Sir Lancelot) and you could spin the dough as you please, stretching the bubbles in the dough to create a tasty open crust. You find this formula in P. Reinhard's 'American Pie' (The books is much better than the luke warm title)

By the way, if someboday knows a good source for canned San Marzano tomatoes I would appreciate to hear about it.



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If there's one anywhere near you, that is...


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But here is a source that carries a few different kinds of canned San Marazanos.


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Mini Oven

tomato paste 50/50  that cuts down on the sugar, I leave the "cooking down" of tomatoes to others. I was a sceptic for many years 'til I tried it.  Stir in herbs & crushed garlic and spread ultra thin, a tablespoon or two is enough for a x-large pizza, and cover with ultra thin slices of fresh ripe tomatoes before adding rest of toppings.   Easy and world wide available.  Mini Oven

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I started using Italian San Marzano Tomatoes a few years back and today I am a total convert. They are so much better for everything that requires a nice tomato taste without the acidic flavor. Pizza sauce and any red Italian sauce is helped by starting with this quality product. Yes, it is slightly more expensive but the flavor is so much better you will appreciate the differance I'm sure. Here in Milwaukee most major groceries carry some brand of Italian style plum tomatoes and most come from the San Marzano region. There is a Brand with that name in a yellow and red can also that is even more pricey. But, summer is coming and I already have fresh tomato plants growing in the basement!


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Hey, glad to hear you like these tomatoes, as I have some San Marzano seedlings growing under my basement grow lights right now myself...Hopefully they will ripen before we get our first frost in the fall so I can try them on pizza among other things.

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I'll try the link ... Whole Foods is not too far away. I heard they would have Italian tomatoes but not the San Marzano type (on the plus side they knew what I was asking about).

Thank you also for posting the Ketchup tip :) We don't really ever have Ketchup around, so I cannot comment on the difference in taste. Sounds very different though ...


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I agree with you on Peter's Neo-Napoletano recipe as a winner.  I added 1 teaspoon of diastastic malt powder and it really gave the crust a light and wonderful texture.  For this same recipe I grilled the pizzas on a stone placed on my gas grill.  You'll need to babysit the pies to avoid burning the bottom.  They were wonderful!!