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Unsour sourdough English muffins

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Unsour sourdough English muffins

I made English muffins follwing a recipe I found in another thread (which I can't seem to find).  The recipe called for some baking soda, which I added at the appropriate time, presumably to make the shaped muffins rise.  They rose and cooked nicely, but there was no sour taste even though my sourdough had risen all night.  I wonder if the addition of soda simply cancels out the acid in the sourdough.  If so, is there another way to get sour muffins.?I don't want to add vinegar, acetic acid, and citric acid like the commercial brands do.

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When I make these I use a rye sour starter but it is not as sour as a 3 day process SD bread.

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It should neutralize the acid in the starter, which would eliminate the sour taste.  

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The last two posts confirm my suspicion.  I used to mix vinegar and baking soda as a kid to watch the foaming; we made mini "fire extinguishers."  Obviously the acid and the salt were neutralizing each other.

Asking those of you who have made "sour" sourdough English muffins:

1.  Can I make them simply with sourdough, or should I use some yeast as per Kiing Arthur recipe?

2.  What about adding a dash of "sour salt" or citric acid as KA recommends for an extra kick?

3.  What about covering them while griddling to help them cook through?