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Summer News. My path in becoming a baker... (part 1)

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Summer News. My path in becoming a baker... (part 1)

Summer News.   My path in becoming a baker...

... goes through Powburn, Northumberland, England.

Hello, TFL friends. This is a delicate post for me to write, because it concerns a personal matter and because, as you probably know, I am not a native English speaker. However, I will do my best to communicate and make my story interesting.

It has been a long time since I have been so excited about what lies ahead, and I am happy to share with you my latest news.

A while ago, I mentioned that I was nursing an ambition to become a baker; a “real baker”! I want to run my own bakery. I want to bake good bread, offer it to nice people and make a living out of it. Without any money to begin a business, in the past year, all I did was dream, and hope that one day...? Well, that day has become closer than ever before. My dreams are no longer dreams; they have started to become real plans. I have two partners for moral and financial support. We have formed a Company and we are looking for premises to rent in my hometown of Timisoara and for baking equipment to buy. There is a long way to go, but things are moving at a good pace in the right direction.

I am a self-taught home baker. I have never been inside a commercial bakery. Yes, I am passionate, talented and smart (hope time will prove that :); but at the moment I lack the confidence, experience and knowledge found in a seasoned professional baker. I believe I am filled with sufficient determination and motivation that will allow me to plug these gaps and achieve all my dreams. Even if that means leaving behind my work as an Architect in order to fulfil these baking dreams!

A few weeks ago I started to look for the right place for me to work as an intern, a place where I would be able to learn, but also, a nice bakery, run by a nice artisan baker, willing to show patience, share knowledge and train a beginner. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to look for very long or very far. Andy (Ananda) has been my mentor and friend since my first day on TFL. I  wrote him a message and he generously agreed to help me.

So, what I am really excited about, as I mentioned earlier, is that I will be flying to Newcastle upon Tyne, and spending a whole week with Andy, at the beginning of August, in Powburn, England. He scheduled a special work programme so I can gain experience of working in a bakery and gain further knowledge which will help me to set up and run my own business. I will be doing my best to help him make the breads and other goods which he is planning to bake for Powburn Show, and in return, I will have the privilege to work and learn from a great baker and teacher. How is that for good news?

As you can imagine, I am very excited and happy about this arrangement and I am counting the days until this bread baking adventure begins. Who would have thought that my first trip to England would be an amazing baking experience, rather than a relaxing holiday? On the other hand, who would have thought that I would fall so much in love with bread that I would decide to change my career completely and take the bread path without a second thought?


I will leave Andy to add to my post later, with more details about his plans for our work together and I hope you will stay close for future notes.



ps. My bread path won’t end in England, there will be a “part 2” coming soon, with other great news.

But for now, please be glad for me and wish me good luck!



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What a lovely post.  Good for you for following where your heart is leading you. Wish you all the best and look forward to hearing Parts 2 through.......10.

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thank you, gmabaking. I've always want to follow my heart and I think I'm lucky to get this chance.

I'll let you all know what is coming next.



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Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.  Having seen many of your posts  on TFL in the past, they have always been first class.  You truly have "the touch" when it comes to creating artisan bread.  You are fortunate (serendipity?) that you could connect with Andy on TFL and he is willing to help you fulfill your dream.  It's also great news that you have found partners in your venture.

I am very happy for you and wish you every success in your new commercial baking endeavor.  I'll be eagerly watching for the posts of your adventures in England.  


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Howard, that is so nice to hear from you.

Yes, I consider myself very fortunate for getting the chance to learn from Andy.

I hope we'll have time to take pictures in England during work, and we'll share the experience with everyone.


Thank you for your kind words,


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Postal Grunt

The pictures of your loaves have always shown your talent and now your decison to follow your dreams shows us where your heart is.

If you find a job that you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life.  You can't imagine how many people will envy you and your opportunity.

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Thank you,

the future sounds nice :) I can't wait to make things happen :)

Wish you all the best, and stay close.


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You couldn't learn from a better professional baker than Andy.  He is an artisan and his breads are considered the some of the best in the baking profession,  made with the best ingredients and highest old world skill in his WFO.  Good luck with your week of bread baking with him and in your dream that is now an adventure.

Maybe it worn't be raining when you get there :-)

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Dabrowman, you read my thoughts. I was just thinking about the english weather and the rain... I hope I'll have a friendly weather during my stay there, but if not, I won't let a bit of rain to ruin my trip.

I read all of Andy's posts and I know he's always careful in choosing the best flours. Can't wait to try them and see what's the difference from the flours I have here.


Best thoughts,


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It is never too late to follow your dreams.  Thank you for sharing your good news and upcoming adventure with us.  You have shown through your posts what a talent you have so I think you have that part down.  It looks like you have picked a great mentor to show you the business side.


Good luck and we all look forward to hearing about your path to success.


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Thank you, Ian.

I will share with you my experience with Andy and the chapter after that.


wish you all the best,


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Andreea C

Dear Codruta,

You really don't know how happy I am for you! I feel like jumping up with joy! I was talking today with my sister about how it would be for me to take this path too at a point (I hope not very far away in the future). And now I found this posting. I am so happy for you! That everything is coming together, that you gathered around people who believe so much in you, that your dreams are coming true. I imagine that excitement in front of so many beautiful things that are about to begin. I wish you to spend a wonderful week in England! I hope with all my heart to also become your "real" apprentice, just like you will be to Andy. What wonderful news! Your courage, consistency and love with which you dedicate to bread, are an extraordinary example to me. I thank you and I embrace you!



P.S.: Sorry for previously writing this message in Romanian. On one hand, since I am very new to TFL, I wasn't familiar with the rules of the site (although it seems logic now that everybody should understand). It was just my natural reaction to emotionally react "in Romanian" to a post like this one. :)

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I have been following your posts ever since I joined TFL and was amazed to discover that we have been baking about the same amount of time.  I thought you already were a professional baker!  

All of your posts show your passion and talent for baking.  I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are going to start up your own bakery.  Many people have dreams but few actually have the courage to follow them.  I think it is soooo cool that you will get to go the England and work with Andy and that that connection was made here.  (Floyd's passion has done it again :-)  Under his wing I can only imagine your enterprise being a success right from the start.  Lucky people in the city you live in who will now be able to eat your breads.  They are in for a real treat.

Thank you so much for sharing your news here.  I know how frightening it is to 'go public' but you have done it and now I am sure I am not the only one waiting anxiously to hear all about your baking experiences.

By the way, your mastery of the English language is just fine. In fact, it is better than fine!  Notice any of us English speaking people writing to you in your native tongue?  I sure couldn't do it and would have to rely on Google translator which can not hold a candle to your English writing abilities!

Take Care and Best of Luck to you :*D


P.S.  While reading through recent posts I ran across this one:

Thought you might like to see what someone else has done with a passion similar to yours.  A very 'cute' idea :-)

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Janet, yes, Floyd's passion has done it again! :)

I didn't go public with my bakery plans with my romanian readers, yet. Still waiting for the right time.


p.s.1: I read about the loaf box, cute idea indeed.

p.s.2: After I wrote the post with my own words, Andy rephrased the parts that were bad written. As you can see, there is a difference in vocabulary between my post and my comments. :))


Thank you, Janet for your support and I promise you'll hear more about my baking experiences.

You take care, too :)


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Congratulations and best wishes on realizing your dream. Anybody who has not done so should click through to Codutra's Romanian website ( to see the beautiful breads that she has made and photographed. Not all great architecture is designed to last for centuries.....


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Otis, thank you for your compliments and support.

Best thoughts,


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Great to hear things are working out for you, Codruta!  It’s heartening to know that soon there will be one more place in the world to get great bread.

Best wishes and best of luck!


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Marcus, great to hear from you!

I hope that one day people will come to Timisoara because they heard there is a place with great bread here. :)

best wishes to you, too,


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Great news Codruta! I'am very happy for you, and quite frankly, i aspire to your ambition  in following your passion, regardless of the career you are currently practicing. Andy is a seasoned, professional, and a very dedicated baker! I hope you learn the most from him during your trip to England.

I look forward to hear more happy news from you!


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Klalid, I am sure that Andy is one of the best teacher and bakers and I consider myself very fortunate to get the chance of learnig from him! I'll do my best to become a good baker myself and make him proud. :)

Always nice to hear from you,


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It's always wonderful to see people striving to make their dreams a reality; I wish you the best of luck.  Regarding you saying that you're not a native English speaker, one really couldn't tell.

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Hi, Grenage,

Thank you for your nice words.



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Fantastic news.

It takes guts to follow your dreams. I hope you achieve your goals. I'm sure Andy will teach you everything you need to know.

I hope you enjoy my country when you visit.

Best of luck


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Michael, I hope your country will receive me with smiley sun, and not with clouds and rain :))

I'm so excited about working and learning from Andy, as you can imagine.

Best wishes,


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Hi Codruta

I am really pleased to hear your good news.  I arranged a baking course last summer that Andy tutored. He is a knowlegeable and experienced baker and teacher so I know that you will learn a lot.   Please keep us up to date with your news and very best wishes to you as you start following your dreams.

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Hi, Ruralidle.

How nice to hear from you.

I will keep you up to date, as time goes.

Take care,