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Buying a used 30qt Hobart Mixer

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Buying a used 30qt Hobart Mixer

I'm looking at getting a 30qt Hobart mixer. I found one on Cragslist here - pics look good; it was manufactured in '83 (which, I guess, is still fine for a Hobart).

I'm planning on driving over an hour on Wednesday to look at it before committing - do you guys have anything in particular I should look for? Other than the obvious, such as giving it a good grab and look for "play" (or more exactly the lack tereof), and to run it in the different speeds?

Does anybody know where I could get a Manual for a 29-year-old mixer?

Thanks in advance,


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Find the phone number for on the web.  Call them and ask.  They've been very helpful to me.  You might also ask them their prices for such a used machine.

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Not long ago I bought a 30 qt. Hobart mixer (1979 model) and found the manual online.  It is a pdf that I can send to you if you would like me to.