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Bakers are mad.

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Bakers are mad.

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most of the bakers I know are at the very least slightly mad, however they are also in general some of the nicest and most chilled out people I know. 


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cool kind of way? They sure seem very interesting - mad or not

I'm guessing Anthony Hopkins could play the part of a really mad and mostly evil baker, who kills people with a lame and cooks their livers in his bread oven to make a finely crafted gourmet liver pate on artisan toast for lunch  :-)

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thomaschacon (not verified)

The 'mad baker' could have been a subtle reference to his performance of the title role in Julie Taymor's film Titus, which is true to Shakespeare's text (of Titus Andronicus).

WARNING to all: Shakespeare's tragedies (especially Titus Andronicus) are not for the faint of heart, so don't watch these two clips if you have delicate sensibilities. Also don't watch if you want to see the whole movie (or read the play), as these two clips make up the the final ('mad baker') scene and will spoil it for you.

Part 16.

Part 17. (Finale as the mad baker):

(And you thought he was scary as Hannibal Lecter!).

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Titus..........and that Anthony was playing a chef instead of a baker in it.  Nice pie though, crust was near perfection and the criss cross decorations top notch  :-)