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Nico OK in Bologna after earthquake

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Nico OK in Bologna after earthquake

I just heard from Nico who lives in Bologna Italy and am happy to report he's safe and sound after the 6.0 earthquake and no property damage sustained. He said it was pretty scary, happening at 4:00 AM and lasting about 40 seconds, but that all was fine with him after it had subsided. Phew!


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Thank you for the bulletin.


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and good news about Nico being ok.


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Thanks, Franko. That's a relief.

Just thought of it: We were in Bologna exactly one year ago!


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louie brown

That is good news. Every good wish to Nico. Terrible tragedy.

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Glad to hear Nico is safe.

The region's cheese, however, was not so fortunate.


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price of Parm and Grano is going from $25 to $50 a pound soon.  What a relief :-)

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Mini Oven

Oh, my goodness!   Glad Nico is well and in one piece. 

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Hi, thanks everybody for you words. As Franko wrote the earthquake was really long and scary. It was of the same intensity as the one in L'Aquila in 2009 (6th degree of the Richter scale), but fortunately the damages were much lower, although not at all neglectable. The territory is plane, but apparently it's a bordeline area where the Appennine push against the Alps.

At night I had fallen asleep on the couch after watching a documentary about the earth formation: volcanoes, huge eruptions, continent separations ... and many quakes, yet when I woke up for the strange movements of the couch it took me a long while to realize what was going on. I couldn't sleep after that.

In Bologna there was no damage, but in the near countries (all quite old) a lot of buildings collapsed. 7 people died, unfortunately.

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Your watching a doc on Earth's plates and consequences of their movement when you went to sleep was weird.  Maybe you had a premonition and have hidden talents beyond baking.  How are you with lottery numbers?

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I never won anything in my life!

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but I sure am good at losing plenty! Better to stick to baking and cooking :-)

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Nico, sono molto felice per te!

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that you are ok, Nico !


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Nico, I am glad you are safe and sound. I can understand and sympathize. I lived about 3 miles from the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake here is Southern California. It is the most terrifying thing I have ever experinced. Large powerful earthquakes and very scary. Once again I am glad you are safe and sound.

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Thanks everybody!

Today there was a very strong quake, in my opinion even stronger than the big one last week in the night. At 9 am I was at home and for the first time I felt the need to repair under a door: I feared that something could fall on me because everything was shaking, including a bookshelf  overloaded with heavy stuff. Since then there's been one quake of lesser intensity every 15 minutes.

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Its good to know you're safe, Nico...
Thanks, franko!

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Mini Oven

was to think about you, Nico.  High time to move all the heavy stuff to the lower shelves.  Gosh, from some of the pictures in the news, I might prefer to sleep in a tent.  

Keep taking care,  -Mini

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I used to work in a library in an earthquake zone. Our book shelves were anchored to the ceiling. Just an idea.

I hope you and all your friends & family stay safe and sound.

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that I'll anchor everything to the wall as soon as the quakes are over! The heavy stuff is all at the bottom since I installed it.

The worst thing is that I feel everything shaking as soon as I move.

The geologists say that the Appennine moves under the large Po valley, it's essentially underground and pushing against the other mountains.