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Small Deck Oven w. Steam Injection *HELP*

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Small Deck Oven w. Steam Injection *HELP*

Hey everyone new to the forums! Really excited to be a part of it!

As the subject stated. I found a few but had questions about them.


It has a "Steel Deck" - not sure what the advantages and disadvatages of that are - just wondering if anyone here can let me know.


Not sure if its best to get a unit that has a deck with a proofer on it or just to purchase a stand alone unit?


I really appreciate it everyone, thanks for your input!


-Peace, Love, and Bread


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I am not familiar with the models you listed, but have purhased a few countertop bakers pride models. In general a stone deck with take longer to heat up than a steel deck, but depending on the thickness of the stone, may keep its heat better, but when you open the door, some hot air will rush out, but the heat in the stone will stay in the stone.