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the little starter that could - Rosemary Olive Oil Sourdough

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the little starter that could - Rosemary Olive Oil Sourdough

rosemary sourdough

This is Rosemary Olive Oil Sourdough from Nancy Silverton's book. I used the starter that I have been growing since Feb - my first one (not Nancy's formula) and I have to say I am proud of this little starter! Oven spring!

I tried the La Cloche top on a preheated stone for 20 minutes. I sprayed the top of the loaf and the inside of the La Cloche top when I put it in and boy did it get crispy!



Rosemary sourdough crumb

It came out great! Moist with a nice light sourdough taste, I even think next time I would use slightly less Rosemary than the recipe called for because it is just a bit overpowering to the delicate sour taste.



Rosemary sourdough top

My slashing technique needs help!


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This reminds me of those pretty loaves of Susan's. Nice work. I've been trying to get up the energy to obtain and try one of the dutch oven, pyrex dish, cloche or some similar approach. I see so many beautiful loaves using this method.


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Yes it definitely does the trick for crispy crust. This was only the second time I tried it because the first time I used the La Cloche the bottom cracked. But it seemed to work better just placing the top on the stone. It is a much less risky  than spraying the oven I think -  at least there is no risk of the glass lights breaking!

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Mini Oven

On the good looking loaf.  Mini Oven

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Hi Sourdough-guy,

Thanks for the slashing tips. Yes I do have a lame. This one I did with just single edge razor because that was suggested in the recipe. I've had better luck with the lame, but either way I've had the same outcome more or less.

I think maybe I am too timid with it and don't go deep enough - or fast enough. It also tends to kind of snag and drag - sometimes more than others. :-( So then I get worried. But your suggestion about having it come from the shoulder helps - in other words, I need to be commited to it!

How deep approx. should one go? And does the depth help eleviate the snagging problem, or is that something else? I keep thinking my razor and lame are not sharp enough - but that can't be it because they haven't been used that much.

Also, I have read about different angles of the lame and I think I just don't really get it about the angle so when I am doing it I am unsure - and it shows.