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Easter Breads

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Easter Breads

Visiting family for Easter - so I baked a selection of breads:

Firstly, the Pugliese, based on David Snyder's recipe - I originally did this for us, but ran out of time to do another one for the family so this one was substituted

No crumb shot (for any of them, sorry!  didn't take the camera with me) - but the usual quite open crumb, light, tasty - I've posted before (I think) on this bread and it is well worth doing!

Secondly, the Cocoa with Walnut and Cranberries (I used cherries) from Lumos

Beautiful rich smell - lovely taste - not very even scoring as you can see, I didn't quite get this right, but it tasted nice!

Then, a double batch of SD Hot Cross Buns from last year's recipe from RossnRoller:

I did some seriously bad shaping here, and left them uncovered to rise for too long - they hardened off, and were quite solid...  I also did a fairly poor job of the pastry for the crosses, and it didn't go on very well.  Lots of room for improvement here - I shall be practising!  (Chris said "teacakes would be nice" - "what are teacakes?" - "well, they are hot cross buns without the crosses!").  They were a good flavour, but need to be a lot more fluffy and better shaped, and with improved crosses...

Lastly, the Colomba Pasquale, based on txfarmer's recipe:

Great fun - but again I need to improve my technique!  The dough didn't rise anywhere near enough - they tasted nice, but could have done with being a bit lighter and fluffier...  Also, I put too much almond essence in (half teaspoon), which was my mistake.  Also, I mixed the chopped nuts with the sugar glaze, then couldn't spread it - so put a dollop onto the top - which then shot straight through the dough to the bottom!!  I think more work on the mixing here, my panettone last year was a bit under-risen as well

And - for fun - the Colomba upside down to try to help it stay fluffy:

(Not in the recipe, but I did this last year with the panettone.  I did learn from the panettone to have the skewers a bit further into the bake - when I did this with teh Panettone, I had the skewers right at the base, and the Panettone fell out of the case onto its nose, which wasn't quite the best way to keep a rounded top!)

Half of the bake went to my brother- and sister-in-law and kids, who appreciated the box of breads; half went to Chris' mum, and we had the cocoa and pugliese for Sat lunch, and the Colomba and HXB for Sunday breakfast.  Overall appreciated, and I was pleased that they all came out!




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thank you! <grin>

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Super nice!


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Thanks Floyd!  it was fun to do...

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of Easter breads!  All of them look delicious.  I have to admit a fondness for David's Pulgliesi Capriosso.  No slashing required for it and I am quite slash challenged on my best days - unlike you  :-)

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Thanks DA!  They were nice, worked out well which was a relief <grin>

Agree re the Pugliese - though I do tend to do it "normal" way up and slash - I have to admit that I failed in getting it to expand properly if done "upside down" and let open naturally!  I will improve though! (and to be honest, my cocoa bread shows I've still a load to learn compared to some other folks round here!)

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Beautiful baking.  Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks Ian!

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What a beautiful assortment of breads! Very festive looking and very well executed!



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Thanks Syd - much appreciated!

I can definitely improve on the sweeter breads - the Colomba and the HXB - more practice definitely needed!  But they did make a nice box set <grin>

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Great selection of breads, I'll bet they were all very happy to have them!

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Thanks FlourChild (nice name!)

Yes definitely appreciated, I was just happy they worked out OK!  I still get that fear that *this time* the bread won't rise, or will rise too much, or the shaping won't work...  More practice I reckon <grin>


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Gosh, you've been busy! :p   Wonderful array of breads....and stacks of cookery books!   Glad you liked my cocoa sourdough. :)