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Great news about Norm

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Great news about Norm

I'm beyond pleased to report that I spoke with Norm today, after two months of not being able to contact him, and he's in great shape.  He agreed to let me fill everyone in here.

Some of you may know that Norm suffers from diabetic neuropathy, which is a degenerative disease that attacks the nervous system. As a result, he's been largely confined to a wheelchair for the past several years (which is why he's no longer a pro baker). Nearly a year ago, his situation worsened and he was hospitalized. He was subsequently released, but fell and broke his hip, and so went back to the hospital.

In the interim, his condition was misdiagnosed and as a result, he developed a severe bone infection (osteomyelitis), which threatened to spread to the rest of his system. Long story short, he underwent surgery to amputate the affected foot and was on intravenous antibiotics for a couple of months. At one point, around New Year's, I worried that he wasn't going to make it.

Well, he's in great shape. He's lost a lot of weight (I'm jealous!), has been discharged from the hospital and is now in a rehab facility. His amputation is healing nicely and he'll be getting a prosthesis as soon as the healing is completed. For the first time in years, he'll be able to spend most of his waking hours on his feet.

I know a lot of you have been concerned, and I thought it best not to share details until we knew what the outcome would be. Now that he's out of the woods, he felt it would be OK to let all his friends here know where he's been for the last nine or 10 months.

He also told me to let you all know that he'll be back here online in the very near future.


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What a marathon for Norm!  I'm happy to hear that he has not only survived but is hoping to be better than before.  Thank you for the update.



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So glad to hear he pulled through and is doing better.


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We're rooting for you, Norm! Best wishes for your continuing recovery process. 

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Norm, your story is very uplifting and I'm hoping you enjoy more and more successes!  Keep up the good fight!

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Mini Oven

Thank you Stan, and thank you Norm for not giving up!  And a new foot to boot!  Lots of prayers and good wishes continuing to come your way!  


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louie brown

Very best wishes to Norm for further recovery.

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Wonderful news. Godspeed.

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Good news.  Best wishes.

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Thanks Stan, and onya Norm! What courage it must have taken to fight through all that. Huge respect.

All the best!

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Or am I dating myself? Should it be a "Transformer Baker"?

On the more serious side-I am so happy to hear you are doing better,Norm.

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Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Stan for the update.

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Knowing only  the basics of Norm's medical history, I've been having terrible fantasies regarding his current complications. He has certainly had a nightmarish year. I'm so glad the bad stuff is behind him.

Thanks for updating us, Stan. Please do convey our best wishes to Norm. 


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Nothing but the very best of wishes and prayers for a speedy and fullest of possible recoveries Norm!  Stan, thank you for the update.  Norm is lucky to have such strength and courage, and such a good friend as well, to hold his confidence through all this time.


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Ditto and wow!  At 52, I wonder what the future holds healthwise (hopefully not managed by a system that is cash-challenged and making decisions about the 'worth' of the care given to someone who doesn't produce as much as a 25-yr old).  Glad to hear Norm made it through the rough spots and is truckin' on... I expect that with his attitude that he'll thrive and be an example for us all.  Hang in there, Norm!



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Great News, Stan! I hope your buddy recovers soon. Pls. convey our best wishes to him.


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My very best to Norm for a healthy and fulfilling future !


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Terrific news, Stan!  I wish him a speedy recovery and all the best to him.

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Norm -- So many of us smile each time we open your cookbook and successfully recreate what was only a memory from the past. And each time that happens to me I mentally thank you. Now I have a chance to do it publically. Learning what a medical roller coaster you've been through this past year, I hope your healing progresses quickly. If our good wishes for your health go from our lips to God's ear, you'll be dusted with flour very soon.


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It's great to hear of Norm's improving health!  We all look forward to your return to these pages, and we send you best wishes and great energy to speed your recovery.

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That is wonderful!  I look forward to his return, and cannot even imagine what he went through...   a real fighter of a man, I wish him the smoothest recovery!

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Thanks Stan for the good news! Best Wishes to Norm.

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Along with many others I've been concerned about Norm. I thought the recent IACP award was a great achievment, but this is really the best. Look forward to your return to active TFL posting.

I wish you a good further recovery.



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Best wishes for a speedy recovery Norm, and thank you Stan for filling us all in.

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And thank you, Stan, for telling us Norm's story.  To your good health, Norm.  L'chayim!


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Stan, Thanks for sharing the great news about Norm.  Norm , congratulations and best wishes for a super recovery.  As you can see, your "family" here is very happy to hear the news.


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so glad you're on the mend, Norm. I'm going to bake some more onion rolls to celebrate! we look forward to hearing more from you.