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Easter bread baking

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Easter bread baking

Just after 10 a.m and the Easter bread baking is completed. I made old fashion white bread, honey whole wheat, sourdough cinnamon no-knead, sandwich thins, Italian bread and cinnamon swirl  that I made and froze earlier in the week. I have an extra stove/oven in the basement, so it cuts my baking time in half. Hope everyone is hungry.

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Nate Delage

That cinnamon bread looks delicious, the swirl came out perfect. Mind posting a photo of the boule? I'm dying to see the crust up close.

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Mind to share some tips of how you get your cinnamon swirl's crust so soft and thin? I would love to see how the boule looks like inside..

Great job! Happy Easter!

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Here is a pic of the crust & crumb of the boule. This is a very delicious bread, and it makes magnificent French toast.

As for tips and tricks, there really aren't any. Here's a link to my website where you can look over the formula to see if you're doing something different than I am.

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What a nice variety of great breads you baked for Easter!

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Great effort, Joev! lovely cinammon swirl bread. Infact, all breads look absolutely delicious! Well done!

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What a great addition to a holiday meal!!