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Tartine Loaf using 85% Extraction flour

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Tartine Loaf using 85% Extraction flour

This is a Tartine-style loaf I made using 100% Central Milling Old Country Type 85 (high extraction) flour.  I was very happy with the result since I got an extremely tender crumb with the my ideal crumb structure.  I can finally enjoy my favorite Tartine loaf with some added nutrition from this type of flour.  

Here is the final dough recipe which should yield a 3-lb loaf. 

100% CM Old Country Type 85 flour - 725 gr

85% Water - 616 gr

20% Leaven - 145 gr (100% hydration using CM Type 85 flour)

2% Salt - 14 gr

I pretty much followed the Tartine workflow for the Basic Country Loaf - 4 hrs bulk fermentation with folds being done every 30 mins, 18 hrs final rise in the refrigerator shaped into a large batard to imitate the Tartine Country Bread from the bakery.  

This loaf was baked for 20 mins with steam using 2 steaming towels and another 25 mins without steam to set the crust at 475F. 

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Looks like you got a great crust and your crumb looks perfect.

Nice bake.  Must taste great with some cheese for breakfast.

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Thank you.  It tastes really great with cheese although I love frying it in butter until golden brown on one side, then spread Nutella.  

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Your loaves look really nice.  I typically make the Tartine formula with 35-40% of the Type 85 flour, and it comes out great.  I'll have to try 100% after I replenish my supply.



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about this bread - crumb crust, color, etc.....  Very nice bakeshack.

Now if it had been baked in a cold DO it would be perfect :-)

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Thank you very much!  I will baked it in a cold DO next time ala Chad Robertson. :-)


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How do you make those nice and big iregular holes?? I have been trying to get this holes but it comes out small. Could it because I don't fo the 30 min interval folds??

Another question is I noticed the amount of water is realy high, thus I suppose the dough must be very gluey and sticky?? if that's the case, how do you shape it?? I have been having trouble shaping it coz it is just too soft to even lift it up..

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The irregular holes is definitely a combination of so many factors such as high hydration, lower protein bread flour (11-11.5%) from hard winter wheat, proper dough fermentation regimen, proper development of dough strength (not too strong but not too weak), etc..  I guess it's really a balance of these factors.  You will really see some bubbles on the surface of the dough and it should somehow hold its shape yet very extensible.  

I made a video on Youtube on how I shape my dough.  Just search "Tartine Final Shaping" .  It should give you an idea as to the consistency in the dough and how extensible it is yet strong enough to be handled that way.  

Finally, it's really a lot of practice and a lot of bread failures too.  :-)  From what you are describing, you might need to add more strength in your dough by adding more turns especially during the first 2 hours of bulk fermentation. You want to be very gentle during the final stages to keep the larger bubbles inside the dough which will help give you the open crumb structure.  


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Marlon, your bread looks fantastic. I've been experimenting with a local T85 flour from upstate NY. Have you considered posting pictures bread making progress? or even videos? I would like to learn your technique --- my tartine method loafs never have that open of hole structure as your picture from above does. I usually keep my hydration to 80% so maybe I will try to increase it a bit. Also, what are you looking for to tell when your bulk fermentation and final rise are complete? I usually let me bulk rise until its about 50% increased. 

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I'm new here, found this thread looking for a Pain au Gruyere question.  

that loaf looks awesome.  I loved the results I had from their T-85.  is that the malted or unmalted?  

I believe I had a bag of the malted but it was an ordering mistake and I wanted to try the unmalted.