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Is it worth it to proactively fix our KitchenAid Pro 600 before selling?

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Is it worth it to proactively fix our KitchenAid Pro 600 before selling?

Sadly, we purchased a KitchenAid Pro 600 back in 2006, when some models had plastic gear boxes and some had metal. Ours ended up having the plastic box. (Since then, I've learned to do a LOT more research before a major purchase.)

We've never had a breakdown, probably because I learned about the issue before attempting to knead dough, and the mixer is in beautiful condition, very lightly used. I would LOVE to sell it, as we bought a Bosch Universal Plus and it would be nice to recoup some funds. However, I can't in good conscience sell it without a list of caveats (i.e. "Don't ever use this for bread," etc., etc.) I wouldn't even know what to ask for it. (Any suggestions?)

Would it be worth the time, expense and trouble to replace the plastic gear box with the metal one available here: ?

I guess I could keep it for smaller jobs, but it does take up a lot of space, we already have a vintage Dormeyer and hand mixer, and the Bosch can do pretty much everything, anyway. And, yes, some sale money would come in rather handy.

Any thoughts or insights are welcome and much appreciated!

- Marguerite

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How about buying the part and then selling it with the part and explanation.  Or give it to some local charity or organization, e.g. a high school cooking program, soup kitchen, church, etc.  Or, if you have a young friend, give it to them and they will forever cheer your generousity.  That's how I got my KA when I was a grad student living hand-to-mouth.  I was at a friend's house watching her make bread and was admiring her KA and saying I would get one someday when my 1970's Hamilton Beach stand mixer died (and when I was done with school and school debts).  She turned to her housemate and said, "Don't we have a spare one in the basement we could give her?"  Not many people have a spare KA to give away!

By the way, I passed on the Hamilton Beach mixer to a young, newly married friend who was significantly younger than the mixer and last I knew it was still chugging away. 

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Thanks for the feedback. What a fabulous gift from your generous friend! :) Donating is definitely a thought, as is the "accompanying part" sale. (I love how your newly married friend was able to use the Hamilton Beach and still is.)

Yes, we'd love to get some cash back from a sale, but sometimes it makes more sense to donate.... Still cogitating. :)

By the way, LOVE your profile photo. Such a hoot!