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Grease Hobart A200 ?

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Grease Hobart A200 ?

Hello to all,

First post-been lurking here on this great site for a long while :-((

Can anyone tell me how to remove the cover to expose the gears on a A200 Hobart mixer ?


See next post for drawing



I have removed all the screws holding part 57 and part 9-10 but can't get it to come up.

I have tried to prise it up from the body/frame by using a sharpened screwdriver and a hammer

but not getting even a crack.  I suspect its the shaft bearing under 9-10 that is holding it.

Appreciate any ideas.



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If #9-10 is just a cover for a shaft end, and the bearing was pressed onto the shaft and then the housing was pressed on to the bearing, you may need to use a wheel puller to get #57 off.  Are there extra (deep, threaded) holes (other than for the screws that hold 9-10 in place) that might be intended to anchor such a tool?  That doesn't sound like a maintainable design, and Hobarts are generally quite well designed, so I suspect that originally the cover was no tighter than an interference fit and that you just need some WD-40 to help free it up (though you may still need a wheel puller to persuade it to come off).


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Chris ,

I just finished doing a complete disassemble/reassemble of the a200.  I can tell you all about it. Let me know if you want to chat.  By the way , there is more to unscrew than you mentioned to get 57 off.  I could get in mine with just a few wrenches, allen key, putty knife (for the edge).  The fun part is taking all those gears apart.  having a specific problem? My first gear would not work under load but it's all good now. 


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Mine first gear won't work under load right now either. any ideas? 

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Thanks - I just bought this A200 - big disapointment as it is 1/3 HP not 1/2 HP

like I thought all A200's were. Must be a very early model.

I have not run it under load ( keeping my fingers crossed) and wanted to clean

out the old grease and look at the gears before. I will look again and see if I have missed

anything that's holding the cover plate down. It has two dowels/pins that stop

side movement but not upward movement. Dont have a wheel puller so I'd have to rig up something .

Its cast iron so I can't get too rough with the hammer.

Hobarts service manual probably says "  use Special Tool HB23rs76 to remove cover"

If I cant get it off I'll just bung some grease down the two holes in the cover plate.

Thanks lots!



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How did it go?  Been away for a while.  

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Me too , been away for 6 weeks.  I found out that the mixer was rotating in the

wrong direction and I posted separately on that, but have not solved the problem.

I will have to wait till I get it down to a Hobart technician in Jamaica as they will

not service any machine in the USA unless it is in a restaurant. You cant take it in to them.

Two electic motor technicians have tried and failed.


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Simone Scaini

Hi everybody,

i am fixing a hobart a200.

anyone can tell me the kind of grease i need.

i finded contrasting information on internet.

any multipurpuse grease is ok?