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Rye & Onion Bialys

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Rye & Onion Bialys

Today's family breakfast included rye bialys with cream cheese and smoked salmon, we enjoyed them!  The dark rye pre-ferment for these was adapted from The Bread Bible's rye pugliese, but the main dough, as well as the proportion of pre-fermented dough, is quite different.  In addition to the dark rye and unbleached flour, they also have KAF whole grain white wheat flour, which I sifted to remove the larger bran pieces.  The bran was used to coat the outside of the bialys in place of the tradtitional flour coating.  The onion, poppy seed, salt and pepper filling is from the Bread Bible's bialy recipe, it's a great filling.

     Pre-ferment       Dough Baker's %
unbleached flour, KAF AP70 g125 g66.1%
whole grain dark rye flour45 g 15.3%
white whole wheat, sifted to remove bran 55 g18.6%
water90 g135 g76.3%
instant yeast           1/8 tsp    5/8 tsp0.8%
salt           1/4 tsp    3/4 tsp1.9%


The pre-ferment was mixed and left overnight (12 hrs) at cool room temperature, until doubled.

The flours, yeast and water were mixed and autolysed, then salt and pre-ferment added, and the main dough kneaded for about 5 minutes in my stand mixer.

Bulk ferment was 75 minutes at 80F.

Final proof was 60 minutes, also at 80F.   Before baking, I docked the centers and filled with the onion-poppy seed mixture.

Baked about 10 minutes at 500F.

Last time I made these, I used bread flour, which I think I'll go back to next time.  These were moist and tender, but I missed the chewiness of the bread flour.  The centers are dark from the poppy seeds (not burnt onions). 






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Your bialys look fantastic.  I made bialys once around 15 years ago, but haven't made them since.  Your adaptation sounds and looks great.

Nice job.


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Have got to be good and yours look very nice!  The filling is also a perfect pairing too!

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I had never hear of rye in bialys.   These just look terrific.   The crumb is stunning.   -Varda

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These look great FlourChild

Best wishes


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They look delicious. 


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Wow, thanks so very much for all the kind words!  This was my first "blog" entry, and I was wondering if anyone would comment... feeling like a part of the community now :)

Re: rye in bialys- it seems so natural to me, paired with the onion/poppyseed filling and the smoked salmon.  I know rye isn't traditional, but they are good.  And the sifted white whole wheat with the bran on the crust is something I've been doing in hearth breads lately, I like it because it keeps the crumb soft, light and open, but you still get the texture and nutrition from the bran in the crust.


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taken by your rye and WWW in Bialy's,  I just had to do a batch myself.  I combined your recipe with one from Poland (butter), a bit from Odessa, Russia (barley malt and molasses) and used yeast water  (from Japan's teketeke) for leavener leaving out the commercial yeast.  Put some chopped garlic chives in the dough too.  They were just delicious and any bread with partial rye and WW in it is my favorite.  Thanks for the idea to use rye and WW in bialy's and thanks for your recipe -  a unique bialy twist.

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glad to have inspired such a great project!

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These look terrific and I am sure are packed with flavour given the variety of flour and preferment.



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Thanks, Syd- yes, they were very flavorful and didn't get lost in the strong flavors of onion and smoked salmon.