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Basic White Bread (or Rolls) with Biga

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Basic White Bread (or Rolls) with Biga

A recipe for white loaf bread (or rolls) that uses a biga preferment.

If anyone wants the recipe and instructions you get it at

The file is in Adobe Reader format and you're welcome to view, print and/or download it. Instructions are given for the preferment and the final bread. Ingredients are given by weight (ounces and grams) and by volume and the bakers percentage is also given.


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That can be very helpful for people who don't know about biga. I also used biga often since it's easier to handle. I usually use 50% in hydration for the biga because the calculation would be simpler.

Anyway, nice bread! 

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hi wildeny,

Thanks so much for your comment.

The recipe calls for 12 oz biga. I had to calculate the quantities for 12 oz of biga given the Bakers Percentage. (My biga recipe is identical to Reinhart's in BBA, except I use less yeast than he calls for)

I normally make a 3-pound batch of biga and freeze it in 8 oz packets. If you have frozen biga on hand, it makes it much simpler to make this bread.

for about 3 pounds Biga

bread flour: 30.0 oz / 848.0 gm / ~ 6 cups + 4 tsp
water: 20.0 oz / 566 gm / ~ 2-1/2 cups
yeast : .1 oz / 3 gm / ~ 1 tsp Instant or ~ 1-1/4 tsp AD

Baker's Percentage Formula
bread flour 100.00%
water 66.70%
yeast [AD or Instant] .34%