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From petrie dish to hearth.

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From petrie dish to hearth.

I began my sourdough journey last week on the 16th. My starter was active on day 2, died down and remained quiet until day 6. I fed it over those two days to make sure it was alive and kicking and it looked great. each time with in feeds it doubled even trippled and I decided yesterday that I was going to start my first sourdough loaf. I followed reinhearts baasic sourdough from BBA and put the starter (biga type I dont know the word) in the fridge over night. Took it out this morning, and began my permentation. I was so excited to see it grow to much. after 4 hours it had doubled in size and I was very happy!

I then shaped the dough into 6 torpedo rolls and one boule. I proofed the boule in a ceramic bowl in a plain teatowel covered in lots of flour. It came out of the mould with ease and everything came out very brown but very nice.

The loaves are half wholemeal and half white flour. They taste slightly tangy and smell good.

To be honest I am still worried I am growing something other than yeast in there and am very wary about eating my beautiful looking and smelling bread. Yes, I am paranoid. ;P


Here is my starter as it is now :)



and here is it closer


And my very first sourdough loaves!






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Congrats on your first sourdough loaves!

Oh, and if your really not going to eat them...send them to me! ;-)