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Antarctic Trip Report - amazing, even without bread!

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Antarctic Trip Report - amazing, even without bread!

I have disappeared for weeks for a good reason: went to Argentina and got on a ship to Antarctic! (Trip itinerary here: Here's my trip report...

So many penguins! We are required to keep >5 meters away from them, but there are so many, can't get away!

Some baby ones are so curious.

Water aerobics


What did ya say?

All lined up and ready to ... nap

Chinstrap penguins, kinda look like traffic cops?

Going home after a dip in the freezing ocean water


Got on a zodiac to kayak, but before we could starter, an orca whale got REAL close! Yup, both my husband and I were on that boat.

Coming, it's coming

And it went under out boat. Three times!

Close enough to see it's face and... eye lashes!

It didn't just happen once, the next day, a humpback got real close

I thought that was the best whale sighting I could possibly have, then the next day, while we were kayaking a whale leaped out

Twisted and turned. Twice.

Can't forget seals, they are so cute too

Often saw them on ice while we kayak nearby

We got to kayak everyday

We were just casual kayakers before this, but now, we love it

How can you not love beating through floating ice?

Just resting, for a little while

Picture perfect

Step #1 to camp in Antarctic: create a hole in the ice/snow so we won't slide into the ocean

No tent! Can you believe it?! Just a mummy bag and a waterproof bag.

Husband was not cold at all, I was freezing all night

A full moon coming up right when we were setting up the campsite, we stopped everything and stared in awe

One of those perfect moments

Sunrise, yes, it's a seal beside the ocean right by our campsite

We got up and the seal poked out its head

Took a hike up the snowy slope when we first landed on the continent

Great weather, even I got warm after the hike.

Staring at the breathtaking views

That's our ship

It can get real rough, especially around Drake Paasage. We managed not to throw up, but it was still too shaky to do much else

Crossing the circle! I could swear I felt a bump...

Went to Iguazu Falls before we departed from Argentina

Bigger and better than Niagra Falls? You decide

After the cruise, glacier near El Calafate, Argentina

A 24oz steak in Argentina, husband finished it all. Plus a big plate of potatoe, I was sure he's gonna get sick

More meat

Even more meat. And they don't eat it until 10pm. I just can't deal.

If you want to see more pictures, go to the sub-albums here on the right hand side:


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Outstanding photos.

Seems like all of the marine life was as curious about you as you were about it :-)

Thanks soooo much for sharing your pictures here with us!

Take Care,


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I was beginning to wonder why have you not posted for so long.

Now we all know.

Great photos, txfarmer! I'am glad you enjoyed the trip, and thanks for posting those wonderful photos.


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What an amazing trip you are having.  Wonderful photos.  Thanks for sharing them with us.  How cold has it been during your trip?

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Welcome back txsfarmer.  Great photos.  What an excellent experience that must have been.  Happy that you are safely back. 



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I’m convinced that you fed the whales your wonderful bread, that’s why they came so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Never thought I'd be so happy to see a post with no bread!  What a wonderful trip you must have had :)

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Looks like an amazing trip, Txfarmer.  Welcome back!


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Hey, amazing photos, what an amazing experience to get to see penguins and whales up close in the wild like that! And the landscape just looks stunning. Really brave of you to go camping outdoors without even a tent there! That'd seem unwise to me in my home country of Scotland let alone in the freezing snow of Antarctica!


Salilah's picture

just Wow! oh Wow!

thank you so much for the photos - must have been so fantastic - overwhelmed!!

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What an absolute treat it was to read through this post and look at your pictures, txfarmer! I kept gasping at the beauty. I haven't clicked through the link for more photos but will do that now. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us!

Dazzled,   Janie

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like I've been to Antarctica too.  It may be summer there but I'm freezing  just from looking at these pictures.  Time to start a fire now that the sun has gone down and the temperature is below 70 F! I think it wise Txfarmer to ask from your bread toasted :-)

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What an adventure!  Thanks for sharing, txfarmer!


FlourChild's picture

Loved this post- the fauna and landscapes are spectacular!  Smitten by the seal face :)

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So sweet of you to share these beautiful photos !

Glad to have you back though :)




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amazing photos, adventurous trip, and nice to see your face :)

Welcome back!