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Great results from.....

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Great results from.....

..trying Thom Leonard's mods of Mountaindogs recipe. Medium crispness, nice crumb and GREAT taste!

My first try using AP, WW, Rye and SD starter combo.

I did this in a Le Creuset 2 qt. Tomato casserole, (held the sides up nicely) oven preheated to 425 F, 30 min. covered, 10 min. uncovered.

You can bet I will make this again, maybe out of the pot and on a baking stone, starting in a cold oven as Thom did.

Boule is 7"w by 4"ht. MANY thanks Thom!

T.Leonard's mod1T.Leonard's mod1

T.Leonard's modT.Leonard's mod

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the shape is wonderful!

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Mini Oven

Mini Oven