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Weight conversion for alternative flours

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Weight conversion for alternative flours

Hi, I've been baking bread for some time now, I've recently started making some loaves for a friend who has recently gone gluten free. I've made two loaves from a mix he had so far, but have been looking at recipes to make my own. I normally measure flour by weight, but the recipes I've found so far all only include volume measures. Does anyone here know what proper conversion ratios for gluten free flours are?

In case it helps, the ones I'm looking at are:

Buckwheat flour

Millet flour

Arrowroot starch

Corn starch

brown rice flour

amaranth flour

sweet rice flour

sorghum flour

tapioca flour (is this the same thing as tapioca starch, or is it different, as with potato flour/starch?)

flax seed meal





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Suggest you use the SR24 database from the USDA:

There you will see a density conversion factory that will allow you to convert.

My first post here so I think posting a url is triggering a spam filter, but google search sr24 database and you should find a link to search there if the above does not work.



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Thanks Rod, looks like a great resource. I've only begun to look up ingredients, but I've found a couple conversions already.