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Perfect Bread Machine Wishlist

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Perfect Bread Machine Wishlist

My oldest daughter, the non-baker, has decided that she wants to bake bread in a bread machine for her family.  Forget the fact that she lives around the corner from us and I could teach her how to bake bread from scratch, forget that I have a 5 year old sourdough starter to share, forget that I could show her how to make designs with a sharp razor, etc. etc.  I am just happy she shows an interest.

I've spent hours reading about bread machines. I called Breville USA, waited on the phone line for 45 minutes and hung up.  I called Zo, and based on what I learned, I was discouraged.

So, I wonder if I share my wishlist, someone might suggest a model:

1. low 80's dough rise temperature

2. pause button (to take dough out, shape if desired) (Zo customer care said I could lift the lid to take out the dough, but the paddle would still be spinning)

3. bake only button

4. no oil capability (Zo customer care said I HAD to use oil/butter/ or apple sauce)

5. 2.5 lb capacity

6. great for whole grain breads




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with how Zojirushi customer care responded.

Although I do not have their breadmaker, I use other Zo appliances and they are the best designed and most luxurious home grade appliances that I have.

So I did a quick search on and found that you can mix lean doughs in the Zo, it has a mix only cycle, and a special sourdough cycle (Although 2 pounds seems to be its limit).

Try the site itself - you can download user manuals for their products and read for yourself.

Hope this helps.


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well, that's interesting.  Thanks