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boat bread help?

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boat bread help?

I'm doing a semi-WW "boat bread", kind of like a couple of SD w/fair amount of whole grain posts I've seen. I'm going sailing up toward Block Island this weekend, and for the first time will try to bake on board a sailboat. The oven may be anemic, but I hope it's hot enough so I can just bake long and slow, I guess. I made a dough with 1/3 KA org WW, 1/3 KA org White WW, 1/3 Heartland Mills Golden Buffalo (a "germ in/bran out" high extraction, high protein red wheat flour from Heartland Mills), with 10% "KA rye blend" added in, 85% hydration, 2% salt, 2.5% flour from starter. I kneaded it a couple of minutes until it seemed to be developing into a dough, and now I've put it on the counter. Then, I am planning to refrigerate it overnight, transport it to the boat tomorrow morning, and let it continue rising - maybe do some folds at some point. I'm guessing it'll be close to ready tomorrow afternoon/evening for an attempted bake. Can anyone give me some guesses as to how long it will take to rise, when to fold, whether I can slash it, etc.? For instance, if 2.5% inoculation needs more time at room temperature, I could leave it on the counter tonight, instead of in the refrigerator. I'm always doing mine in stages, rather than one long, mostly cool rise like this, so I don't have a very good idea of how long it should take. Also, I may have some choices - small dutch oven, cookie sheet, or pan. Oven may only get up to about 350-400 degrees. The flour is mostly fairly high protein, since the KA organic red wheat and Golden Bufallo are probably up there, and even the KA organic white is probably more like AP, if I read their description correctly.

Thanks, Bill