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Don't knead your dough too much...

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Don't knead your dough too much...

...because that leads to co-dependency!

Not sure if anyone here is a fan of Ms. Hart, but I get a kick out of her misadventures (specifically those involving baking, for which she has a notable aversion). The episodes are hit-or-miss, and probably not safe for work, but nothing worse than you would see on late night network television.

Enjoy! (I hope!)



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Thanks for the link.  In a way, Ms. Hart reminded me a bit of a contemporary cross of Lucille Ball and Marshall Ephron (making a Lemon Cream Pie - "no cream, no lemon, just pie.")

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... to over serious cooking shows. I also liked!.html

thanks for the link

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Thanks for the video link...I was just thinking about Lucille Ball today for some odd reason and here you have posted present day Lucille :-)

(I still have vivid memories of that conveyor belt scene.....anyone else recall that?)

Take Care,



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If you enjoyed that one, check out episode 4, wherein she attempts to bake cookies. It's downright hilarious, but extremely vulgar (which is why I didn't link directly to it.