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Let's all give Floyd a pat on the back

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Let's all give Floyd a pat on the back

I'm writing this because I've not felt comfortable contributing to any other bread forum that I've found online -- except this one. This one is special because Jane and Joe breadmaker can come here and ask the most basic questions without being flamed practically out of existence. I think we can thank Floyd for making it a welcoming place, and for quickly extinguishing ego fires when they occur.

When I scan the boards here, I feel like I've dropped into a neighbor's kitchen to see what they're baking, and we can just shoot the breeze without having to puff out our chests. I have posted only to this site because of this comfort level.

So let's all raise our flour-dusted hands in a hearty Huzzah to Floyd, and to his ever patient family, willing to eat whatever he bakes.


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Y'all are gonna embarrass him! He's never been very good with compliments.

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We do very much appreciate your hard work and humanity!

Thank you. 


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and everyone else on this site for:

 being so into baking bread AND

taking the time to help or compliment each other

we are all busy and it is great to be able to share

this great art of bread baking! 

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I agree with all that has been said I have only just recently found thid site and it is always my first stop on the web.

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Thank you all much for the compliments, and thank you to everyone else who has helped keep this a welcoming place (particularly lately, when I haven't been able to participate as much as others do).

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It has been said before but not enough, the Fresh Loaf is one of a kind. As stated above, a very comfortable place to learn and be among friends. Other sites are run by well meaning folks who think they can be the answer to struggling bakers. Here, Floyd is the first one to admit he is learning along with us (even though he does have a head start) and is encouraging us in many ways. The site is becoming a living data base of good knowledge, great photos of artisan bread and I dare say a terrific set of "How To's" so anyone can get started right away. For as much time as I spend here there are still areas I have not ventured into.

Thanks Floyd, a really nice piece of work.


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I've been on this site for two years now. I can't remember how I found it, but it opened a new world for me. Floyd's baby has many aunts and uncles who answer newbies question.


Floyd is quick to link us to other bread sites when something interesting is happening, but many of them do not recipricate which I also find interesting!



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I have met the nicest people here. Like someone pointed out, even your most elementary questions, someone patiently answers. Thank you all. 

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wow a hearty ditto here for me! i'm a newbie to this board and to bread baking and i have already made this one of my morning starts with my cuppa coffee! i do feel like it's so warm and friendly and an ok place to ask all my silly questions!


Thanks Floyd!

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What they all said, and then some! This is such a special site, you clearly know how to set a tone, and bring out the best in people.

Thanks also to the rest of you; I almost never go online without at least checking in here to see who's saying what. I've learned so much, so easily here, from all these wonderful creative minds.

Lucky us for having Floyd and his wonderful website!


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I agree with all of the above.

 I applaud Floyd's vigilance when it comes to flaming and ego wars  which seem to be so prevalent today.

I believe that sets the tone for the other frequent posters that have been long time members.

Regards from Tabasco 

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Mini Oven

Mini Oven

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This is my first time at your sight and I have come home.  I have been a cook, recreationally and professionally, never mastering bread baking.  I have tried and tried, last night I made my first edible loaf of Italian bread, finally.  So I was inspired to surf the web and found you!!  You had answered every question I was asking myself, as a self taught baker.  I like to watch the process, learn and ask questions, normally.  Hard to ask family, since NONE of them cook or bake!  You have done all that here.  I appreciate your knowledge and the assistance give to all your bloggers.  You will see and hear alot more from me as I dive into my new obsession.  Great job.

Jersey Girl in Kentucky

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 Floyd has created a website community that is unique in its concept and execution.  Having tried myself to do likewise on another topic I know how great his achievement is.  He has made it look simple and elegant and like most simple and elegant things that takes tremendous work and know how.

To have kept the trolls at bay and persevered in his vision for this long is truly a magnificent achievement and for which he deserves heartfelt thanks and congratulations.

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I will add here a big thank you to FLoydm for creating this site and for being as helpful and dedicated as he is.


also to all those on this site who add to it and make it better and better. Fot if it weasnt for the people, who are all similar.....friendly, helpful funny talented bakers. :)  Then the site wouldnt be as good as it is now.....I find its the people that make the experience.



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Your site is my home page........I can't get enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Hope your having a great year.


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kitchen to come sit in, when there are so many sad and tragic events. Thank you Floyd for opening your kitchen. We can grab a chair, sit and chat, ask questions, have a laugh or two..and we all learn a ton from each other! "Simply the best, better than all the rest"