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Sunday morning baking

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Sunday morning baking

I love getting up early on sundays with a good excuse to bake. Today we have family passing through town, and they'll be on the road a bit so I wanted to make them some portable snacks.


BBA Bagels, with oh about 50% wheat flour. I love this recipe because you can leave them in the fridge until you've got everything set up for baking, and because you can have hot bagels first thing in the morning without a lot of effort. I made a few toppings--poppyseed, salt, "everything" (with fresh onion and garlic tossed in olive oil, mixed with the previous toppings).


ready to go:





Out of the oven:


I also made a scones: Cranberry orange, and oatmeal date. It smells rather good in here!



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It looks like a nice Bed and Breakfast you've got there Breadnerd! Your guests are lucky to wake up to such goodies, they won't want to leave...very nice bagels!