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Storage suggestion for half-sheet parchment paper

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Storage suggestion for half-sheet parchment paper

For those casual bakers like myself who have a new sack of half-sheet parchment papers from King Arthur Flour (or any other source with a similar package), I found a place to store my new papers in the pantry without fear of them falling through the slots between the wire shelf units or getting wrinkled or dogeared.  I simply used flat head thumbtacks (not push pins) on the inside of the bag to stick them to the wall as shown above.  VOILA!   Carefree storage. 

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Both simple and clever, Chris.  Eliminates having to lay them flat on a shelf (where they do often suffer from "dog" ear damage) while keeping them clean and readily available.  Thanksk for the tip.

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Very neat idea and it keeps them where you can see them. I have those black plastic put together resin shelving units in the kitchen and have hooks on the back side and ends that hang things on, all my wire racks for cooling are on the end, and the back side has various bowls and strainers etc, and my big rolling pin. The biggest rollign pin I ever saw, its about 18 inches long and at least 4 inches in diameter and boy does it roll nice. I use the marble one for my pie crust, but the big one is great for my sour cream cookies.