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60 quart hobart

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60 quart hobart

A Chef friend has a 40 year old 60 quart hobart that is in need of an oil change. He says the oil looks alot like red transmision fluid. Calls to hobart were met with contempt & you have to have a hobart service tech do this. I'm guessing that the lube can be found localy & the oil can be changed by someone with a little knowlege of tools. I know airplane lubricants but i need a little help with the mixer lube. Any help would be welcome.


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From a quick search it would appear that the gears are greased individually, and the entire transmission is then filled with a liquid oil.

I would get a quote from a Hobart tech, there are some things that are worth doing yourself, and some things worth doing right.  I think the later is the right choice in this case.