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Deck size for small commercial WFO

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tn gabe

Deck size for small commercial WFO

If I have been baking on 4 seperate 1' x 1.5' "decks" (quarry tiles on shelves in home ovens) for a total of 6 square feet. I can bake a total of 8 boules scaled to 665g, although i do have problems with them running together occasionally.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to bake 24 of these at a time, rather than 8, thereby allowing me to occasionally sleep during market season. I think 24 loaves (about 16kg) is inline with my 30 qt mixers capacity, i've done at least 13kg in there.

Anywho, wondering if 20 square feet (4' x 5') is going to be the size I need. 3x the square footage I have now+a little extra. Is this too big or about right?

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It's tough to tell from your description if you have extra room on your current tiles or not, but it'll depend on the size of your boules. A WFO works best for bread if the oven is pretty close to filled to capacity -- steam issues and all that. So, to determine the perfect size for 24 loaves, just spread out 24 of your recently baked loaves and measure. 4' X 5' sounds pretty close, though.

Pittsburgh, PA

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thomaschacon (not verified)

I was rather wondering what a WFO was. Thank you, Google.

For posterity, WFO = Wood Fired Oven.