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Bread frustration! not my fault edition

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Bread frustration! not my fault edition

Looking for peoples stories about failed loaves that weren't your fault!

Why do I ask? Because if I don't vent my frustration somewhere, I am going to crack my own skull open against the oven door.

I made a fantastic loaf today! I tried a new shaping method that worked really well for me, as my shaping usually results in an uneven mess of a thing. Popped it in the oven, happily awaiting my loaf to appear amazingly shaped and well.
Couple of minutes in to cooking, someone in my house asks if they can use the oven- "fine, just watch the bread."

I assumed they would use a different shelf! oh how wrong one person can be. They put a pot with a sharp edge right next to my bread, which at this point was still benefiting from a healthy dose of oven spring. Well, you can see where this is going I hope. I now have a loaf which is painfully deflated on one side and well risen and browned on the other.

End of pain!
Thanks for listening TFL brothers and sisters.

Share your pain


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thomaschacon (not verified)

The crawfish pies didn't fail, per se, but the fact that it took me several tries to get the pie crusts right would qualify as a failure.

Taking them out of the oven and leaving them on the edge of the counter to cool, however, certainly does qualify, as I returned 10 minutes later to discover that my roommate's Doberman pincher approved of my efforts, eating every single one of them.

Crawfish pies made of 3 lbs of crawfish priced at $18/lb turned to dogfood!

Oh the shame!

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Now that you've gotten the pie crust perfected, it's time to try a new filling, -doberman.

(But be careful; they can be nastier than crawdads...)

My own cross to bear is sourdough. Mix it up, knead it up, shape it, and then throw it away; why waste the energy preheating and baking it? It's going to be dreadful anyway.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

That would be hilarious.

Think they'd sell?

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At a bbq one summer many years ago, an entire beef tenderloin was left with Labrador reach unattended. We came back into the kitchen to see a Lab with a hugely swollen belly looking very sheepish when asked about it...



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ever made was a failure in some way, some mine some out of my hands! I think I'm a bread klutz, but I'm going to keep trying!

Worst failure was the strawberry jam in the crock pot, followed the recipe to a T, the jam was not jam exactly, more like way overcooked deeply darkened strawberry gum! Don't know if it was the pot, the recipe, or my electricity was better than the writers! It wasn't bad tasting, but it certainly wasn't spreadable.

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Never, ever follow a recipe that uses the duck's liver in the gravy unless you have a garbage disposal.  I speak from experience.