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Billy Bread - Best Loaf in Richmond, VA

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Billy Bread - Best Loaf in Richmond, VA

If I buy bread in Richmond VA this is where it'll come from:


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Hi Jeff,

Glad to have someone so close join TFL! Where in Richmond is this bread place located? Thanks, Jean P. (VA)

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Hello Jean,

I buy Billy Bread loaves @ Elwood Thompson's and also eat a lot of it when  @ Mamma Zu's.  Elwood get morning deliveries, so there are not guarentees of them having it in the evenings or late afternoons on the weekends.  They serve it at many other Richmond Restaurants including the Jefferson, Edo Squids and Six Burner.  Their bakery "I think" is at 1 South Allen Street, Richmond.  I say I think since I saw an article of late that makes me think that Billy might be cooking out of a Restaurant he co-owns with his mom - Aziza's on Main.  Their number is 804-344-1523.   My own bread baking has slowed my consumption of Billy Bread, but has not stopped it!



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This is one of the best breads I have ever had. I buy at WF and Libbie Market. I am now trying to replicate it at home. I read an article about the original "Billy" and that he apprenticed under Gerard Rubaud. Here are some links to articles I found...

Anyway, MC has posted some recipes that look like a good start. I would appreciate any advice. I've just started making bread from a starter recipe in "The Bread Baker's Apprentice". 

If you are ever in Richmond, buy a loaf of Billy Bread.