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About Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker

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About Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker

Hi folks,

Kenwood Breadmaker BM450

Re programming

I looked at;



Please help me to understand;

1) What is kneader 1, kneader 2, kneader 3 and kneader? To my understanding this model has only one kneader.

2) If I want to using it for baking whether set the kneader time to 0?

3) What is rising time?

4) What is rising time vs baking time?



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Any reason you can't just select any of the pre-programmed options listed on page 6 (Basic, White Rapid, Whole Wheat, etc.), and leave that "Favourite" button alone and ignore page 8 for now?

(Maybe after a few months move to the "artisan dough" [#11] option, and after another few months finally move to the "favourite"?-)