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Pizza - 470

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Pizza - 470

Dal titolo - 470°C la temperatura del forno il fase di riscaldamento.

From the title - 470°C (880°F) the oven preheating temperature.

Lavoro ancora sugli impasti, anzi l'Impasto, quello Napoletano, sofficissimo e leggero. Apparentemente semplice ma in pratica molto difficile.

Still working on the dough, I mean the Dough, Napoleta, soft and light. Apparently simple but in practice very difficult. An explanation to understand: this pizza dough, once baked (very fast, 60 seconds) is soft (not crackly) and should melt easily in your mouth, very light toping, each ball is about 240-250g each and the final pizza size 28-30 cm, so it's thin and when cutted the slice doesn't hold its own weight and you have to "fold" it.

Qui qualche pizza infornata domenica a mezzodì. Ho usato due impasti:

  1. Tecnica del freddo, +60h a 4°C, farina medio/forte - Mulino Marino - Tipo 00 Soffiata - ~W300
  2. Lavorazione napoletana (almeno ci provo), 14h a 20°C - puntata 9h - appretto 5h, farina media - Molino Vigevano - Tipo 0 Costiera Oro - ~W260

Here some pizza baked this sunday at midday:

  1. Cold proof technique, +60h at 4°C, medium/strong flour - Mulino Marino - Type 00 Soffiata - ~W300
  2. Neapolitan dough (... just trying to), 14h at 20°C - 9h bulk - 5h poof, medium flour - Molino Vigevano - Type 0 Costiera Oro - ~W260

Ecco qualche foto delle pizze che ho sfornato con questi impasti. Nell'ordine: fiamma giusta, troppa fiamma, poca fiamma.

Here some photos of the pizza baked with these dough. Flame OK, too much flame, weak flame.


Troppa - Too much

Poca - Weak

Poi c'è quella per la sorella, metà margherita, metà marinara e quella con la rucola.

Then one for the sister, half margherita, half marinara and the last with rocket.

Ed il pergolato appena finito ... che fatica e manca ancora il supporto per il forno e la canna fumaria!

And the pergola to cover the oven, just finished ... what a effort, and I still have to place the oven support and the flue!


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I`ve red about Verace Pizza Napoletana every day for 1 week :) Now i just need the wood fired oven:(


Good style!

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I feel like I just made a trip to Italy!  Love the photo's of your pizza's and especially too...your back yard with the oven, rustic and beautiful all rolled into one beautiful day of pizza baking!  

The dough and crust discription you give, sounds perfect and delicious...did I mention about eating this pizza in Italy with a knife and fork :)..I think I did 'lol'.

I just have one picky pizza eater request.  It's like viewing  a crumb pic of loaves to me..would love to see a 'bottom' pic of your pizza's : )  included with your photo shoot of your pizza's...your last one as I recall was gorgeous.  

I get my best pizza's I think at about a 750F in my wfo...the tipo 0o flour,  takes the heat beautifully and, does much better than my KA flour does in my hottest oven.  I've also found that using honey or sugar in some of my pizza's dough' better in my indoor oven for browning a better crust ..leave it out for my hottest wfo baking, works best..for me.

The little pizza oven certainly fires up to sky high heat.  You have to be in pizza heaven :)



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A good crust should be blistered even on the bottom, next time a bottom pic ... but I can't promise you!

... when you get lot of small blisters (not big boubles) on you pizza cornicione you'll know you're on track! The gluten matrix breaks showing what we call "leopard spots" (it's like the skin of a leopard) and the pizza will be soft and not "gummy" even if you let it cool.

I used KA only few times in bread and it worked very well (I was really impressed), it seams to me it has a lower falling number than my usual flours. I don't know how it works for pizza but sure you can bake great stuff with this.


PS: sure no sugar at all, do not mention sugar, honey or oil!!!! I think the dough is not still what I want, I'm serious, I have to fix some points.

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I will have to use my bubble popper tool.  I always kind of liked those big bubbles!  

I use KA most of the time and it does make for a nice crust..the tipo oo I have to travel into downtown 'Little Italy' and it's an expensive flour.

Added:  Forgot to ask...what' the most popular wood used for the pizza fire in Italy?  So far white oak is my favorite wood, burns hottest and, cleanest..very, very lucky...I do have a close local wood company with all kinds.


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Yep, oak is great.

The most used here in pizzeria is beech.
But you can choose also olive, ash, locust, ... (I hope the translation is OK)


PS: to the left of the oven I've an ash tree, to the right a linden tree.

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Pizza looks good JoeVa. Such a long way to the house to eat. Do you have a prep table set up to work on the toppings out there?


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Maybe one day I'll show you my WFO home pizza setup, I learned some tips from a friend to speed up the preparation and move the pizza ready to be baked around the house.


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I ‘dread’ clicking on posts by Joe on pizza because I just know it’ll trigger off a serious case of pizza envy ;))

I’m sure you’ll get to your pizza perfection soon enough while we enjoy the process..vicariously. Thanks for sharing the experience.

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.....the temperature........... I feel defeated.......

No matter what I do, I know I just can't make a pizza in my domestic oven as good as WFO does......::sigh:: 

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pizza...and very attractive looking WFO.  It really looks delicious!! I mean the pizza, not WFO. :p

best wishes,


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Salve Giovanni,

I thought I'd bump into you at critical wine for some reason perro no.

Do I get from your remark that gummines comes from temperature? Where did you get the oven if I may ask. I moved to a different house. Not sure if I will stay here so buying an oven.... but still, tempting. I'm behind on your posts, will catch up reading. Did you ever hear of Molino Silvestri near Torgiano? I need some flower and they are supposed to be good.