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Accelerated Sourdough Starter?

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Accelerated Sourdough Starter?

Hello everyone, I am almost home after having been away for 3 months..without my baking books.  This site has been a great way for me to stay connected to my bread baking.  Prior to leaving, I was working through the BBA and yeasted breads.  I am looking forward to firing up the oven soon upon my arrival and working on sourdough..after buying some new flour (3 months too long?). 

Question: is there a way (gasp) to acclerate a sourdough starter, like have something to use in a day or two?  I'll begin a traditional starter too, but have a week off and would love to bake instead of staring a tiny bubbles..  any suggestions?

Thanks as always,


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You might want to try going to a local bakery and seeing if they will sell/donate some starter.


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If I recall you are deployed with the Navy? I'll be happy to send you an express package of starter so you can cook sourdough right away. Just let me know when you will be home to receive it. Decipher the address below and send it off the forum.

Thanks for your service.


(ehanner at gmail) dotcom

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Eric, many thanks for such a thoughtful gift.  As it happens, a member of the freshloaf community who lives in San Diego took me under her wing and contacted Floyd to share contact info and some of her starter upon my return!  As a backup, I've since learned KA sells a starter for about 5 bucks. 

 Thank you again!

 the humbled by everyone's generocity, SDbaker