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KAF Testing in Italy

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KAF Testing in Italy

Just a Sourdough Miche I baked this morning.

I used King Arthur All-Purpose and Whole Wheat flour my father bought for me in Boston.

The miche was made with:

  • KAF AP - 80%
  • KAF WW - 20%
  • Water - 70~75%
  • Salt 2%

Short mixed, raised with two starter (a liquid one over AP and a stiff one over WW), proof retarded.


A really easy flour to work with. As strong as you need, balanced extensibility/elasticity profile, beautiful fermentation activity. And it taste very good too! I'm really pleased with this flour ... even more if I think it's sold in every store (US bakers are lucky).

Here crust & crumb:





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very nice crumb. Is it really so pinky as it looks or is the color due to a chroma shift? Lucky you!

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Ciao Nico. A bad photo, I couldn't remove that red tone. The color of the crumb is dark cream (the WW flour in the mix) very close to Buratto flour. Nice!


EDIT: I was able to correct the color. I hope it's closer to the real color.

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  Hi JoeVa

Thank you for posting this!!   I am very glad to know your review for KA all purpose and whole wheat flour, which I always use.  As I see you being a professional baker, I am very happy to know your result using  the KA flour. 

Your breads are always wonderful.   I really love the crumb and the oven spring... Amazing!

Thank you very much,


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Thank you Akiko, but I have to correct you, I'm very far from being a professional baker.


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I'm happy to hear you were brought samples of the KA flours and liked them..very thoughtful of your father and I hope you enjoyed eating the miche with him.  The crumb and crust are just gorgeous.   


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Very pretty loaves. I agree that KA is good, solid, flour. Very good compared to other commonly available options!

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Mini Oven

I don't know how I picked up a link to your photo catch, I must have clicked on the last photo, but your oven is very interesting too!   A super WFO in mini!  Is that a stainless steel wrapper around the oven?

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I wrote about the mini pizza oven here: "Forno a legna - Prima Pizzata". Yes, it has a thermal isolation all around.


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Mini Oven


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Usually when you post your bakes, I say well I'll never get that flour so who knows if I could do something like that or not.   But of course with this bake, I could get that flour so no excuses.   Beautiful bake and a model for amateur bakers like me.  -Varda

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Looks like you got great oven spring and the color of the crust and the openness of the crumb make it a winner.

What KA markets retail as All Purpose is actually Sir Galahad which is available commercially in 50# bags. It's a great flour and great for artisanal breads like your miche.

Nice bake!

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Hello Giovanni,
Admiring the shaping, scoring, crust, crumb and also the bottom of that miche, with all of the crackles!
It is all beautiful - what a lovely example of what can be done with KA flour.
:^) from breadsong