Dry Scalding-------Dry scalding is a convenience product used by bakeries in Sweden.  Originally the  purpose of scalding flour was to be able to have more water in the dough and it still not be too wet.  There are three kinds of scalding.  Each may be dried after the scalding – “hence dry scalding,” or may be used without drying.
#1 Pour 100g of boiling water over 50 grams of flour and mix well  Temperature is 70°C.  Beta-amylase is denatured but the alpha-amylase is not.  Allow the mixture rest for 24 hours – the starch hydrolyses to sugars.
#2 Pour 100g of 75°C water over 50g of flour and mix well.  Allow to stand for 24 hours.  Both the alpha and the beta amylase will survive.
#3 Pour 150g of boiling water over 50g of flour and mix well.  The temperature will be about 85 – 90°C and both forms of amylase will be denatured.  This is ready to be used as soon as the temperature drops low enough so as not to harm the yeast.