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Stout Baguettes

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Stout Baguettes

Stout in both senses of the word!

I decided to have a go at a sourdough version of Katie's stout & linseed loaf - waiting for the barm to ripen, I wondered what to do with the rest of the beer and decided "sort of baguette but a bit bigger!"

150g 100% white starter
25g rye flour
290g strong white bread flour
200g beer (Thwaites Very Nutty Black bottle conditioned, Tesco)
8g salt

I didn't have time to do an overnight retard, so just autolyse without salt for 30m, then a thorough S&F at 30min intervals, shape roughly, shape for batard and proof in couche (the skin hardened a bit too much I felt here).  Baked under a cover for 15mins (220C) then 10+10 I think...

Not bad flavour - quite rich and full, not tasting of beer, a good medium brown colour

Not bad!  The stout & linseed is in the fridge, need to get it out and shape (dinner interfered with this last night) and final proof - will try to post that later


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Love the colour of the crumb from the stout and rye Sali

Best wishes


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Great looking crumb with lots of big holes! Love the basket, too. :)

Barm bread is another one on my "Bread to Bake" list.  I bought a bottle of stout last winter with the intention of making it......and drank it before it even touch a speck of flour. :p

Did you detect any aroma or sweetness from the beer?.....I mean in the bread,  that is....:p