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room around a baking stone

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room around a baking stone

I am considering buying a baking stone & would like to know if I get one "cut to fit" how much room (if any) do I leave for air flow around the stone?  the racks would hold a 24"x14" stone if I filled them entirely, but that would leave virtually no space.  Just a small amount in the back where the rack slants up.  Can I maximize this & use it all or is there a minimum amount of room I need to leave around the stone?

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Just Loafin

All of that depends on the oven model, and whether it's gas, electric, conventional or convection. You'll get a more concise answer if you can provide those details.

- Keith

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the oven is an electric convetional oven that I can set for convection if I so choose & I use that way often because it cooks more evenly when I do so.  The heating element is on the top, & it's a Kitchen aid have no idea of the model number but it's a double oven if that helps.  I have about an inch between the front of the rack & the glass of the door.

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In general, the usual advice is to have at least 1"(one inch) clearance on all sides of the stone for adequate heat/air circulation. For my stone, there is a scant more than an inch on the sides, and a scant less than an inch front to back. I get great results, as far as I can tell, in my conventional, primarily bottom heat, electric oven, with exposed heating elements.

The stone is a 16 x 16 x 5/8" cordierite stone from . Don't think I could be any happier with the performance, all things considered.

As you can see from the attached image, the front edge is even with the rack, but there is a 7/8" gap between the rack and the door. Same distance between the stone's rear edge and the oven wall.

Good luck.

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I guess it's because my oven is small (built-in under counter type... a Whirlpool 60cm wide model). It's conventional plus convection. My stone sort of just fits, leaving maybe 10mm or so all around (actually a little more between door and stone). I thought it would fry my oven but it's been 18 months no worries (I use my oven maybe twice a week).

BUT that's just me and my oven... your mileage may vary and the last thing you want is your warranty being voided.

Sorry if that last statement is less than helpful, but just my personal experience :P