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First Post - Hello from Iceland

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First Post - Hello from Iceland


Very long time baker, long time reader, first post.




Made this bread for  15 year or more, no written recipe. Use organic flour from Drabæks Mølle A/S  the Danish miller (3/4 all-purpose, 1/4 whole wheat), sea salt, L'Hirondelle yeast. High hydration, long ferment (18 hour), minimal knead. Bake in lidded Pyrex, 25 minute @ 500F, remove lid 20 minute @ 450F.

Next project learn how to score bread as many here are so successful and learn to bake Indian naan.

Best wishes,




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Welcome to the written side of the site -kristjan. Beautiful bread I'd say. I wouldn't worry much about scoring when you can make a natural organic expansion like this one. I would gladly never score another loaf if I could get mine to open that beautifully. I look forward to seeing your breads.


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Thank you for the kind welcome.

Not all of them open so symmetrically. Symmetry gets picture taken, asymmetry causess evidence to be quickly consumed.

Was hoping learning to score correctly might allow all loaves to open properly and of course there are aesthetic considerations.



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Welcome to TFL Kristjan!  You can see that is a tried and tested recipe.  Good shaping skills have produced a loaf with a nice open crumb and a very symmetrical look to it despite the fact that you haven't scored it.  Google: 'boule scoring patterns' /images for some ideas and try your hand at emulating them.  I used to bake in covered cast iron without scoring for years with similar results to yours.  I find that look very rustic and appealing.



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Welcome Schroedinger's O,

There is lots of good information about scoring on TFL, but DMSnyder would be my first port of call:

Lovely Bread, welcome along

Best wishes



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Welcome to TFL, Kristjan!  Could it be the first member from Iceland???

....Gosh I'm so glad your real name is much simpler than your username!  I can't spell that myself without copy&pasting it. :p

You bread looks really wonderful. As Eric said, I wouldn't worry too much about scoring if you can get such a good expansion and natural tears on the crust during baking. It really looks beautiful!  'Rustic and appealing' as Syd rightly said.

best wishes,





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Much appreciated as I was apprehensive about making  post.

Best regards,


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Hello Kristjan (and hello from Canada),
Thanks for sharing this picture of your beautiful loaf!
:^) from breadsong