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Forno a legna - Prima Pizzata

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Forno a legna - Prima Pizzata

(Wood Fired Oven - First Pizzata)

Va bene, non potevo resistere ancora molto e ... mi sono preso il forno a legna. Niente di troppo grande o impegnativo, giusto un piccolo forno per pizza. Per il momento collocazione temporanea su cavalletti.

Ok, I couldn't resist more and ... I bought my wood fired oven. Nothing too large or difficult to work with, just a small oven for my pizza. For now in a temporary location on two supports.

Per la prima volta non vi aspettate foto dettagliate, le ho fatte al volo nel casino generale. Tutti in giro e nessuno ad aiutarmi. C'era chi giocava col gatto, chi chiaccherava rilassato, chi rincorreva le zanzare ed io da solo a correre dietro a forno ed impasto.

For the first time do not expect detailed photos, I took them on the fly in the general caos. All around e no one helping me. One was playing with the cat, one was chatting very relaxed, one other was running after a mosquitos and I was there running between the oven and the dough.

Impasto con Farina Caputo Rossa (tipo 00 rinforzata) e tecnica del freddo per un totale di 48h di cui 42h di puntata a 4-6°C e 6h di appretto a temperatura ambiente. Cottura a 400°C in 60-90 secondi.

A grandi linee l'impasto è questo:

  • [100%] Farina
  • [66%] Acqua
  • [2.8%] Sale
  • [0.12%] Lievito di birra fresco

Dough made with Caputo Red Bag Flour (Type 00 reinforced) and cold technique for a 48h process, 42h bulk rise at 4-6°C and 6h proof at room temperature. Baked at 400°C in 60-90 seconds.

The dough was made with:

  • [100%] Flour
  • [66%] Water
  • [2.8%] Salt
  • [0.12%] Fresh Yeast

I panetti erano belli morbidi ed hanno prodotto una pizza soffice e fragrante con un bel cornicione vuoto e leopardato ... ho infornato con una pala di legno di fortuna, senza palino, ma la prossima volta sarò più organizzato.

The pizza balls were beautifull and soft and the resulting pizza was soft and fragrant with a great empty blistered cornicione ... I put the pizza into the oven with an emergency wood peel, without the small round metal peel for turning, but next time a will be more organized.

Dopo pochi secondi (After few seconds)

Conclusioni: va in temperatura velocemente (40 minuti), consuma poca legna, ha una volta bassa in acciaio che simula la volta del forno napoletano, ci si può fare un pizza napoletana a patto di tenere la fiamma sempre bella viva ed alta su tutta la volta. Aspetti negativi quasi nessuno, tranne la necessità di cuocere le ultime pizze sul palino perchè la temperatura del fondo rimane bella alta. Per il resto, con un buon impasto e curando qualche dettaglio in cottura, si ottiene un ottimo prodotto.

Conclusions: it reaches the optimal temperature really fast (40 minutes), doesn't need too much wood, has a low top profile in iron that simulates the classic neapolitan oven design, can be used to bake neapolitan style pizza if you take care to have a good live flame all over the top. Very few bad points, you need to bake the last pizza oven the metal peel because the bottom temperature may get a bit to high. For the rest, with a good dough and paying attention to few baking details you'll have a very good product.


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Great looking mini WFO, Giovanni! Waiting to see one of your beautiful Miches out of that oven!

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Sorry but no miches (and bread) out of this one, it's too small and not designed for bread baking(at least for large bread). Just think that the internal dome of the oven is made in iron.


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What a fantastic little pizza oven.  That's one perfect looking pizza.  I'm sure you'll get plenty of delicious WF meals along with your pizza's, out of that little bugger :)  Can you tell me some more about your great little wfo?  Manufactor, are they available in the states? 

added: I just received my new pizza stainless steel round pizza turner paddle today and my pizza cutting board along with a pizza screen..the screens are great for using if the floor of your pizza oven is to hot for the pizza's...might help with your last pizza baked.  I also use mine for drying herbs in the cooling oven.

'lol' I keep forgetting to ask you...Do they really eat Pizza Margharita with a knife and fork in Italy? : )


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PizzaParty oven:

Outside Italy expedition is tOOO expensive, sorry.

The stainless steel round pizza turner paddle is the one you need during the bake, you don't need pizza screen because you (I mean I) don't have the time to insert it in place with a 60-90 seconds fast bake. Just use the paddle to turn, watch the bottom and, if needed, leave it under the pizza in the last part of the bake.

I don't eat with knife and fork, I just cut for slice at eat with my hands folding the pizza because it's very soft and doesn't hold its weigth ... neapolitan style pizza in some case in not accepted outside naples, even more in US.


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I made the mistake of placing my long handled pizza turning paddle into a bucket of water...wanting to give it a quick cooling off..just in case my dog's might mess with the very hot paddle while I was running around making pizza's.  Big mistake, it warped my long handled, round 8" paddle.  Now it doesn't work very good for turning my pizza's and I use this paddle a lot.  I won't be sticking my new one in a bucket of water!

The pizza's are placed on the screen 'before' they go into the oven.  I was told by 2 bakers from Italy, that have a local pizza shop, this helps if the pizza oven floor is to hot and burning the bottom before the crust/top cooks.  Now I'm able to understand my oven's firing better and can get that 60 sec. pizza, top and bottom done together.  

The reason I asked about the knife and fork : )  A tv show, 'No Reservations'.  It showed and commented on the customers eating DOP pizza Margherita, with a k&f, except for one man.  I thought the pizza looked delicious with it's droopie and rather thick crust.  As long as the crust has lots of flavor, I really don't care if it's thick, thin, crisp or floppy :) I love pizza!  



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I would LOVE such a compact oven.  Your pizza is beautiful....

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Hello Giovanni,
I am very impressed with your pizza (it looks delicious!), and oven (heats and cooks very fast!).
Thanks for sharing these photos - including the photo of your cat (such beautiful green eyes!).
:^) from breadsong