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Another iteration of regular bread

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Another iteration of regular bread


Here is another iteration of regular sourdough.  It is the same 90% white, 5% sifted whole wheat, 5% rye at overall 68% hydration, as the last one I did.   Also the same 775 grams total dough weight.  The last one was great but lacking a certain something that I find flour soakers bring, so I adjusted the formula to allow for a soaker.  This one was:   25% of the flour was preferment levain at 125% (using all the WW/rye and white), 46% of the flour was the soaker at 80% hydration (all white), and 2% salt addition to the soaker.   Levain was kept at 46F for about 15 hours, then finished ripening at room temp for a few hours.  Soaker was kept at 50F for the same amount of time in the chiller, then at room temp while the levain finished ripening.  

Then, added the remaining flour and salt.   Bulk-fermented for 3 hours and shaped.  I accidentally got the shaped loaf a bit askew in the brotform, so its a little lopsided, but oh well....   The final ferment only needed 30 minutes, it was rising fast.

Tastes great! 

Here's the pictures:






Cheers and happy baking!



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I am pretty certain that is the most beautiful and perfect looking bread i have ever seen. Thanks for the picture and recipe.

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Thank you!   Tastes good to me, but I am easy to please.

Had it tonight with grilled steak, marinated in teriyaki overnight.


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That's a real beauty! :^)

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Lovely!  And the steak is cooked to perfection, too.


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gvz, I wish I had the patience to devote so much time to one formula.

 It has really paid off for you. That is a beautiful bread!