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making a bread bowl

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making a bread bowl

It's been a while since I've written here. I do still come and visit once in a while to check out old and new topics and it always amazes me the amount of bakers, and countries, and topics that bread involves. Not so much of a "little" genre, indeed! 

Well, I'm here today to continue a saga, a story I started more than two years ago, specifically May23, 2009 titled "Making a bread bowl". 

My husband and I found a burl on a tree, and from there on . . . making it into something. (A burl is a knotty growth on a tree resulting from an insect infestation or mold; a form of stress for the tree so it isolates the irritant.)                         

    burl cut off tree  

I had in mind a bowl for bread, or a dough trough for kneading. This burl though was a huge piece of ugly wood; a very heavy, very fresh, damp and almost grotesque object. 

Lots to do to get it down to hand weight, an ability to carry the bowl was obviously needed. 


So, move on over to my website <> to get the first part of the story.