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Light Rye with Granola - with homemade granola

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Light Rye with Granola - with homemade granola

There are things I just refuse to buy from store, one of them is granola. I mean it's SO EASY to make granola at home, with ingredients that I like, at a much cheaper price. I have made granola so many times that I don't really follow a recipe anymore, just wing it with whatever I have on hand. However, if you have never made it before, a good guideline to follow is this one: . Mostly because I like her oil/honey ratio, granola ends up clumpy, but not too clumpy.


Usually I eat them straight, or with greek yourt/cold soymilk, always throw in some fresh fruit of course.


This time, I used some of those granola to make a light rye bread. My formula here is very loosely based on what wildyeast used here: (hers was in turn adapted from King Arthur Flour). The major difference is that I used rye starter instead of yeast: 15% rye, all in levain, with rising schedule changed accordingly. The shaping method is from here:

Light Rye With Granola

- levain

whole rye, 57g

water, 45g

rye starter (100%), 6g

1. Mix and let rise 12-16hours.

- final dough

bread flour, 340g

salt, 8g

granola, 160g

milk powder, 48g

mashed potato, 124g

water, 240g

all levain

2. Mix everything except for salt & granola, autolyse for 20 to 60min, add salt, mix @ medium speed for 3-4 min until gluten starts to develope. Add granola, mix @ slow speed until evenly distributed.

3. Bulk rise at room temp (~75F) for about 2.5hrs. S&F at 30, 60, 90min.

4. Take out a small portion of dough (about 100g), round both dough, rest for 20min, shape as instructed here: .

5. Proof face up on parchment paper or in basket until the dough spings back slowly when pressed, about 90min in my case.

6. Bake at 450F with steam for the first 15min, lower the temperature to 430F, keep baking for 30 to 35min.


Milk powder and mashed potato soften the crumb a little, which complements the large amount of granola well.


A very flavorful fruit/nuts bread, makes a good breakfast or snack.

Sending this to Yeastspotting.


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My first encounter with granola was home made, but I buy it in bulk from WFM these days. The truth is, I don't like it as much as what I could make myself. Thanks for the prompt! I'll look up the recipe in your link and try it.

And using it in bread! That sounds splendid! My breakfast routine is alternating toast with almond butter and granola with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit. Hmmm .... 


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yes the flower child generation, although I was never a flower child! But granola is great. Mine saved a couple of hunters from being hungry and getting hypothermia on a trip. I had made a bunch and bagged it in sandwich baggies (definitely not giving up those) and sent it with my husband on the hunting trip, he insisted that a couple of the hunters take it with them on a walk out to see what they could get, they were out for a long time, and lost the light, and wound up across the river from camp. Not a river they could ford either! So they wound up spending the night (long and cold in the fall up here) and only had the granola to eat, but they credited it with saving their stomachs, and with keeping them warm enough. They had a fire but that is only good to warm one side, and then you have to freeze said side and warm the other. LOL DH got a quick instruction on how to run a river boat the next morning yelled across the river, start the boat, and make sure its untied! Steer it over here and we'll go pick up the moose! He did and they did, and that was some of the best moose meat I've eaten. Wish I had some now!

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It looks a wonderful tasty loaf txfarmer, with an attractive shaping too.

The website you cited is a really useful place for students to visit; thanks for passing the link on.

I was wondering how crunchy the granola wa in the finished bread?

Best wishes


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Lovely looking loaf, txsfarmer.  And so packed full of healthy ingredients, too.  I bet it is a meal in itself and needs nothing to compliment it except, perhaps,  a cup of tea.  Another interesting shape, as well.